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Nothing screams statement piece quite like a vase. With or without flowers, they are the best option if you want to decorate a room but want to make it subtle in your luxurious apartments in Kolkata. No matter what your style-simple, minimalistic, elegant, or showy, there’s always the right vase for you. Small or big, they make your living space brighter and classier. The flowers you want to keep, purpose, color, and texture may vary depending on the decoration style.

Glass Vase

Glass vases are always in style and come in a variety of sizes. They are versatile, and you can use them for various home decor projects with varied themes. If one wants a simple yet timeless aesthetic, glass vases are a perfect choice.


The relatively large mouth of the V-shaped case narrows to form a V. This kind of vase can be used to beautify those little parts of your home that would otherwise go unnoticed because it is very space-efficient. You can use V-shaped vases to decorate your home. Either by filling them with colorful flowers or simply displaying them in low lighting to draw attention to their distinctive shape.

Cylinder Vase

Among the most economical shapes to be found are vases in this shape. They are also readily available. These vases require a roomy corner since it quickly fills the empty area, giving the corner a beautiful appearance. You can smoothly use them to hold various plant species.

Bowl Vase

At first, this vase may appear a little strange, but with the appropriate flowers, you transform it into a sophisticated centerpiece. Vases in this design can also be used as miniature play aquariums for the tiny fish your children would love to hold and pet, or you can embellish them with small colorful stones.

Ceramic Vase

Ceramic vases are a must-consider option if you seek something opulent and distinctive for a special occasion or home décor. They are available in varied themes and styles and add beauty to any area where you place them.

Bouquet Vase

This traditional bouquet vase has a flared opening that provides lots of space for embellishing those flowers. Bouquet vases are typically at least seven inches tall; when flowers are added, the arrangement’s overall height necessitates a sizable amount of vertical space. You should be aware that if you use floral vases as centerpieces, there won’t be much room for gatherings during special events. Thus, altar arrangements go well with décor featuring bouquet vases.

So use any of these pieces to decorate your top residential complex in north Kolkata. These vases will light up the place and make your home welcoming with airy, spacious rooms.

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