Give a Cosy Scandinavian Look to Your Room

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Have you just purchased a residential complex in North Kolkata and wish to give it a Scandinavian look? Sweden, Norway, and Denmark share an interior decorating style that is airy, light, sober, yet clean. You do not need to try hard for the peaceful tone of home decoration to capture the serenity of Scandinavian décor. Well, here are some of the ideas to make your dream a reality.

  1. Choose white and rustic accents.

Scandinavian décor has a minimal palette where white predominates with shades of black, grey, pale blue, or pastels. Loud and bright colors are very sparingly used if at all it is there. You might have noticed that rustic wood is a standard accent in Scandinavian bedrooms, where you can place a simple wooden bench as a nightstand.

  1. The light fixture has a role to play.

Good lighting is essential for every household, no matter how large it is. The light fixture has become the focal point, especially during the pandemics when everyone takes extra care to ensure the rooms get adequate natural lightning. You can use the softly glowing paper pendant light in the bedroom to add a unique style to your space.

  1. Cottage style decoration

When it comes to Scandinavian decoration, simplicity becomes the ultimate sophistication indeed. Have a minimalist feeling for warmth and personality. Your 3 BHK flat in B.T Road, North Kolkatawill set a class apart with a cottage vibe. You will just have to maintain a limited palette and cleanliness typical to Scandinavian style.

Try to leave plenty of open space between furniture for a fresh and airy vibe to your room. Don’t keep things cluttered or cramped unnecessarily. Just use simple lines without fuss or any ornate cozy and intriguing style, like Scandinavian style.

  1. Use distressed wood

Wood is a Scandinavian staple, and so you can decorate with furniture made from old and distressed boards. The rustic center table at your drawing room with herringbone flooring will add another vibe for Scandinavian touch.

  1. Decorate with some black and white artwork

If you visit any Scandinavian house, you will find simple black and white artworks or photographs. They are pretty conventional on their walls. Add some family photos or put some black and white paintings in your new flat in North Kolkata to mesmerize your guests with a peaceful harmony.

  1. Wooden walls and ceilings

Wood paneling on walls and ceiling can make it cozy and elegant. However, this kind of setting makes the home warm, best suited in the colder climate. Still, if you like it, you can decorate your office space this way. Use paper lantern lights to make it more elegant.

  1. Wallpaper in a Scandinavian style house

If you’re not ready for painting, a piece of delicate wallpaper could be a good start. Use white, tan, beige, or any muted tone for added excitement. You can also use some small touches of color sparingly to ensure kids too like them.

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