Give Your New Abode A New Look With Floral Design Marble Tiles!

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Great floor patterns are always a part of any classic décor or elegant abode design option, and marble is frequently the material of choice. Your Best Residential complex in north Kolkata’s décor appeal is greatly influenced by the sort of flooring you select. Particularly marble flooring provides a tone of richness and elegance, giving your property a touch of royalty. Marble also has a long history of being favored by affluent empires in antiquity. Different varieties of marble tiles with flower designs enhance the beauty and brightness of your home.

Marble tiles with geometric floral patterns

Your home’s grand entrances can look more opulent and royal with neat geometric shapes and flowery design marble tiles, particularly in spacious rooms with high ceilings. For example, this contemporary marble floor border suits the pattern of your best complex in north Kolkata, especially the living or drawing-room.

The patterns increase the visual appeal. They draw attention and give the room meaning, whether they are geometric or natural flower pattern tiles. The design is grounded by them and gains a sense of the present from geometric patterns.

Teflon-coated golden flowery marble tiles with a hand-printed pattern

8-10 mm of various colors of Teflon-coated, golden and floral marble tiles with a hand-printed design make your kitchen more colorful and inspire homemakers to prepare delicious meals for their families. Therefore, this kitchen design makes your adobe top Residential complex in north Kolkata. Our stunning collection of Golden Flower Marble has a striking design and is flawlessly polished to give it a rich appearance.

Flowery tiles in the Victorian style

If you want your bathroom to have a Victorian-styled decor, you should use the ideal ratio of large and little tiles to give it a stunning appearance. Contrasting the big blue floor tiles with the tiny light-colored wall tiles can work beautifully. To improve your bathroom’s overall appearance, you should preferably choose a glass countertop. This is because it makes particular qualities stand out and demonstrates the craftsmanship and attention put into this house.

Imitation marble flower pattern tiles made to order for 3D floor murals

This flower pattern tile is suitable for the living room and transforms it into a luxurious living space. Self-adhesive and water-resistant Vinyl Floor Mural Wallpaper is the used material.

Decorative 3D Marble Flower Pattern for Bedroom Floor

The 3D Marble Flower Pattern Floor Decor of the top complex in north Kolkata is suitable for the bedroom and will give it a regal air of luxury. Thanks to these tiles’ exceptional durability and water resistance, your adobe will survive longer. If your visitors genuinely love staying with you during their vacation, this form of interior décor in the bedroom increases the value of your property to them.

Final Words Before the Wrap

Contact StarOm Millennia and book your abode there to take advantage of the chance to remain at the best residential complex in north Kolkata with a floral marble design.

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