Grey and White are Trending Home Colours of the Decade

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Are you trying to renovate your old or new home at one of the top premium apartments in Kolkata? Going by trends may be particularly beneficial. Have a look around, consult the experts and think about what kind of style you want to adopt for your interior décor.

If you want a gorgeous classic look for your lovely home, then ask an interior designer, and he would vouch upon the trending neutral shades, grey and white.

Sophistication is the dominant aura if you stick around with grey or white wall colors or other furniture shades. The shades are known to provide versatility to the interior vibes.

These colors ruled the past decade and have immense potential to do the same for the next. So, if you are a proud homeowner at the best residential apartments in Kolkata, consider these points before you finalize the look.

Versatile Neutral

These neutral shades will make the perfect match if you want a palette with softer hues. Beige, cream, or taupe, you can pair a light grey wall or an ivory white wall with any of them. Now, if you want a cozy corner in the house, paint your wall dark grey with the adjacent one as white and feel the combination of little darkness and little light in your comfy corner. These shades also make other colors pop. If you want a little drama, paint a near-wall orange or purple or place vibrant colored furniture around. The drama will be at your feet!

Soothing Sensations

Neutral colors are always eye-pleasing. Not only to the eyes but also to relax your other senses. When you return to a home with neutral colors after a long day of work, you will instantly feel the calm that these colors resonate. Our human senses allow us to feel relaxed in earthy and neutral colors and shades such as these. They promote a happy interior environment.

Adds Sophistication

While trying to add elegance and sophistication around, a subdued environment is a much good choice, especially while residing in one of the best premium apartments in Kolkata over loud shades and over-the-top designs and decorative. Paint the walls various shades of grey and white, and match them with furniture that blends well. Not too dramatic, yet classy.

Goes Well with any Style, Scandinavian or Indian

So, what are your plans for? Catering to the fun-loving Boho feel to the dwellers or the minimalistic Scandinavian one? Or, it is the Indian royal-ness you want for your little space at the top residential apartments in Kolkata.

Blends Well with Natural Elements

Your indoor plants and those exquisite fixtures made of wood, cane, or bamboo; you would never want them to be thrown away. Not every wall color would support natural elements like those. Try grey and/or white, and observe how gracefully the shades hug the non-artificial things around the house.

Hence, whether new or old, as a proud owner of the top premium apartments in Kolkata, going by the wind or the trend, in this case, might not be a bad deal after all.

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