Home Decor Tips on The Occasion of Vasant Panchami

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A season of new beginnings is spring. We love the green vibrancy it gives to the world around us in this magical season. Clear cloudless sky and clear green buds on trees welcome a fresh start and new promise for a healthy life is seen all around.

Vasant means spring, and this festival marks the arrival of this most cherished season across the country. In Punjab, Odisha and other North Indian states, this vibrant festival is celebrated extensively. This day is the beginning of the formal education for many children and is dedicated to the goddess of learning Devi Saraswati. This festival celebrates wisdom and eternal devotion as well. Believers and temples devoted to the goddess hold the event with special pujas and prayers. Sweets are traditionally served to all, Boondi laddoo being a favourite. The Covid 19 pandemic this year has up to an extent changed the celebration mode of the people all over the world. Children are the most excited ones who to hop around merrily on the day of Saraswati puja. It can be possible that you would be afraid to send your kids out for celebration. So utilize this auspicious day of Saraswati puja and bring small idols of Devi Saraswati and decorate your apartment in North Kolkata with the below mentioned simple and creative steps.

1. Go for the colour Yellow

Vasant Panchami is synonymous with the bright yellow flowers of the mustard crop that are harvested this season. Since yellow is known to be a colour much enjoyed by the goddess, puja offerings are also yellow. Food products will be coloured with turmeric and saffron for this reason. You may still use the yellow decor in your house. This festive season is the perfect time to pull out all your bright yellow pillows, rugs and curtains. Infuse your beautiful flats in North Kolkata into the colour of yellow as yellow is the colour of this season.

2. Decorate with Flowers

It’s time to look forward to spring flowers after the long, cold winter days. Load your home with floral arrangements at every nook and corner—on your tables, window sills, counters, and everywhere else you think is going to look beautiful. Greet your visitor’s right at the front door with a huge bowl of new spring flowers.

3. Beautify your worship space with Devi Saraswati’s Idol

You can bring liveliness into your 3 bedroom apartment in B T Road by welcoming home Devi’s Idol. And especially if you have kids at home this is going to be more exciting for them. Decorate your puja room with flowers and colourful lights. Infuse creativity into your kids and help them making paper flowers and especially paper swans considered to be favourite of the Goddess. Saraswati is said to ride a white swan that reflects knowledge in its purest form. Create swans out of homemade paper and hang them over the walls. You may also create a creative montage of swans and plants around the image of the goddess.

4. Go creative with flower Rangolis

Rangolis are the common décor option that can be used and even it goes well with every festive decoration. Since the season is spring many colourful flowers bloom in this season. So make colourful rangolis if possible try to infuse yellow coloured flowers. Use marigolds, sunflowers, Palash and other yellow flowers to make your rangoli as well as for decorating your home.You can draw this rangoli either in your puja room’s space, in front of the idol or outside the entrance of your 3 bhk flat in North Kolkata.

Try out this super easy and cost effective decorating idea and bring home the Goddess of wisdom and decorate your flat in North Kolkata and let it dwell into the festivities of the spring. StarOm Millenia approximately 200mts from the upcoming Baranagar metro station wishes you and your family all the joy and prosperity that the spring season holds!

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