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Best Residential Project in Kolkata

When going through the home-building process, planning the overall flooring of the house is a major consideration. This is because it can set the tone of the room, instil personality and be a talking point, while all the time providing comfort underfoot. Therefore while planning the floor the colour palette, texture, pattern, innovative designs and quality are the few points that should no how be overlooked.

But it is very important that before you start your flooring project, you must do a little research on different kind of floorings and learn about their costs and benefits. Accordingly you can set up and style your floor which fits both your budget and space.

The Best Residential Project in Kolkata has brought for you some tips to choose the right flooring that will make your apartment look fabulous and last for long.

1. Continuity between Indoor and Outdoor

The role of flooring is much more than just making your home look beautiful. Ensuring continuity between your indoor and garden or balcony of your apartment can make your room look more spacious. You can use decking outside and wooden boards inside and make them point towards the same direction. If you are having patio doors having continuous flooring will help give you a sense of the space being projected through the glass and make the inside space feel much larger.

2. Surface levelling

Before installing any type of flooring, you need to make sure that you have an equally levelled  subfloor. If there are voids underneath the floorboards, the floor might squeak. As a solution, you can use sand for levelling and then top it with a rubber underlayment.

3. Use of Ceramic Tiles

Wooden floors might be too expensive to build, however you can install ceramic tiles which offers the look of wooden boards, but are available in different colours so that it complements the interiors.

Printed ceramic tiles can also be used to embrace the ever popular retro-trend. If you incorporate retro-style flooring, you must get industrial style furniture with metals and luxurious fabrics.

4. Use of Vinyl Tiles

With vinyl floorings you can see change in the entire texture, pattern and interior of the rooms. Vinyl flooring inside the home, which has elements of the great outdoors can help create a seamless flow between outdoors and indoors. In the interior designing prospect, industrial style has been a trend in the recent times. The advantage of vinyl effect flooring over actual concrete flooring is that it’s much softer and warmer to the touch. If you were to opt for concrete flooring, then it’s important to have the surface properly sealed because if moisture is able to penetrate the surface, it can create mildew.

5. Floating Floors

Floating floors are also among the top trends in home flooring. This is also a great option if your old flooring has asbestos in it. Floating floors are quite inexpensive and easy to install – no nails or glue is required. The boards can be installed right on top of your floors, saving you the cost of calling in the pros to remove the asbestos.

With some of these flooring tips and some more creative resources it can help you to come up with your own ideas on how to use different styles and materials to create unique floorings for your dream home. Residing in the best residential complex can give you a feeling of having your own entity and live in a heavenly abode.

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