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Interior design trends for 2022 prove to be Instagram-worthy, and you’ll want to try them in your complex in North Kolkata. This year, design is settling down with long-lasting trends, with a few old and best ones making a competent comeback and timeless classics keeping a stronghold of their ground. With so much diversity, you’ll be able to build a home in your complex in North Kolkata that’s not only on the newest trend but will also stay in style for a long time.

Let’s check out some top interior designing trends for 2022 that are bound to make your artistic mind satisfied:

Vintage Decor

“Old is gold” this phrase is relevant for most things, but especially for design. Interior design trends in 2022 are similar to how fashion trends visit the previous generations now and then, borrowing from the last decades. Antique furnishings aid in home sustainability and provide one’s living space with a distinct personality and individuality. Something that people may desire for luxury complexes, like the BT road projects of Starom Millenia. Vintage furniture, such as old mattresses, rustic dining tables, and an old dresser with stand-alone items such as chairs, sofas, and other accessories such as lamps, side tables, and mirrors, are expected to return in 2022.

Earthy Tones

Earthy and neutral tones are presumed to play a significant role in home design trends in 2022. These tones and textures will make a grand comeback in the next year. Be it in-wall colors, home décor, or even elements for designs. Browns, white, rust and creams, vivid oranges and greens, and similar earthy tunes will become relevant.

More Utilization of Single Spaces

Open floor plans are about to lose their appeal and become obsolete. The main goal now will be to create single places that you can use for various functions in your complex in North Kolkata. Because some rooms are smaller or larger than others, having several multifunctional areas within the apartment will help to maximize the usage of the other spaces in BT road projects of Starom Millenia.

Going Green

According to interior design experts, green homes will be plentiful in 2022. Greenery will undoubtedly be a persistent home décor trend in the coming year, from employing them as highlights in the living room of your complex in North Kolkata to having a lush corner full of greens in your bedroom or even emphasizing a few small plants in one’s bathrooms.

Sustainability is the New Trend

Home décor is poised to take a turn for the better, from recycling old furniture to carefully picking materials based on sustainability and environmentally friendly for your best complex in North Kolkata. The days of being ok with prefabricated, store-bought, and hastily assembled catalog furniture are long gone. Many homeowners will prefer to furnish their living spaces for the BT road projects with one-of-a-kind pieces of furniture, with secondhand furniture becoming increasingly popular.

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