Home Interior Tips That You Must Follow Before Moving into a New House

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Moving into a new house? The feeling of owning a new house is a combination of two emotions-excitation and anxiety. You’ve already crossed the barriers to find the most appropriate house for yourself in the best residential projects in Kolkata. It’s time to make this house your dream home. You must be looking forward to decorating your new house. But don’t know where to start?

Prepare a list for the budget –

You need a list of things to buy before you move into your brand new flat in North Kolkata. You will need to plan how you’re going to go through with the initialization phase and how much time you’re going to spend doing the same thing; make a tentative list for every little thing. This list will be a great benefit when you start doing home interiors. Often, while making a checklist, prepare a budget to make interiors for any room in the home. Home interiors can be costly in the most surprising ways. It’s prudent to finish one room at a time, rather than starting it all at once. This will help you prepare better and keep a check on your spending.

Choose the colours wisely-

Choose a colour scheme for each room, from the bedroom to the kitchen. The method of selecting wall paints should be carried out simultaneously with the purchasing of furniture. Depending about what type of furniture you choose to purchase for your new flat in North Kolkata, the style of the wall colours should go well. You’ve got a wide variety of colours to pick from, so take your time and choose a palette of shades that you enjoy and don’t get bored of easily. Your preferred colour scheme should help make your home attractive and comfortable.

Be selective while buying furniture-

Buying furniture has become simple, as everything is accessible online today. From wardrobes to entertainment units to Pooja units, you can purchase furniture according to your style and your budget. And if you’re not pleased with the patterns, you can customize them so that they blend well with the rest of the décor of your 2 bedroom apartment in B.T Road. When it comes to designing your bedroom, first focus goes on bed, since it is usually what catches your attention and takes up much of the floor space. You can either purchase ready-made wardrobes or customize them to suit your budget and style.

Lighting Placements for Decoration-

If you speak to architecture professionals, they’ll usually tell you that the most critical aspect in home interiors is lighting. If the lamps are put in the right places, the interiors of your house will certainly be improved. Lights in each room should be positioned in such a way that each space is lit in an appropriate manner. Especially kitchen lighting requires close attention and all electrical points need to be prepared in advance.

Create enough space for storage-

If you arrange your storage areas correctly, your new house will look new forever. Separately plan the storage area of each room. You can buy a storage bed for your bedroom, for example. It helps to reduce the issue of over-filling your wardrobes with the extra things that you often need. In the same way, have your entertainment systems and wall cabinets built in a way that has ample room. Storage in the kitchen is also important. It’s expected to be prepared right from the very beginning.

Decoration and utilisation of DIY-

Your home is a representation of your personality and your lifestyle. Then, why don’t you decorate it with your own creativity? Hang handmade artwork on the wall, reuse old objects to produce new ones, use old bottles to make lamps, or just go nuts with wall art. If you have friends, you can decorate a corner with the art and crafts of your children. Build a wall gallery by hanging the best of your photos.


The range of textures and textiles available in market can appear daunting when it comes to furnishings. Make sure you do your research on the durability of the fabric and choose yours based on your lifestyle. Soft furnishings will give your 2bhk flat in B.T Road a world of difference, making it as homey as you want it to be.

A combination of traditional and modern-

The old one is gold! But why don’t you combine old and modern and give your home interiors a personal touch. Attach the old artwork and furniture in a manner that complements the modern elements as well. Mix and match to make a special look that only you can create.

Beauty & Functionality-

You must also verify the functionality of home interior items and accessories, rather than just style and aesthetics. If you have a smaller house, multi-functional furniture pieces are recommended as space-saving and useful.

Make use of what you’ve already got for home decor-

Give a second look to all the things in your hands. You’re definitely going to find some things you can use to decorate your new home. You should use your own materials as home decor instead of purchasing new products in the shop. For eg, plates can be added to the wall to make a beautiful wall art. You should even display the art from your children’s books in their rooms.

Selecting the right home interiors plays a very important role in uplifting the aesthetic look of your house. Always act smart do a proper research before putting up yours home interiors. If not done with proper planning the home interiors might even drain your wealth. Planning your interiors décor wisely can make your 2 bedroom apartment in B.T Road appear as big as the 3 bhk flats in North Kolkata. So do follow these tips that will definitely help you out in acquiring a systematic approach while decorating your new home.

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