Horse Painting and its Relevance in Interior Design

Residential Complex in North Kolkata

The Vastu Shastra has some laws regarding the placement of the paintings and photographs of seven-horse. Some canvases create beneficial energy for your residential complex in North Kolkata if positioned in the apt direction. Horses, particularly galloping horses, come to mind when we think of artworks that will give a joyful feeling in your flats in North Kolkata.

Seven-horse paintings represent success, peace, strength, progress, and wealth. The best approach to attract affirmative energy into your residential complex in North Kolkata is to decorate it with a seven-horse picture. In Vastu, the seven-horse artwork and the sun in the backdrop are immensely beneficial. They are believed to boost optimism in all parts of one’s life as they are a true sign of strength, peace, and stability.

Advantages of Keeping Horse Paintings

  1. Seven-horse paintings in motion represent the symbol of speed. Hence, hang them on the east wall of your flats in North Kolkata or business, or wherever you want to see development and advancement in your work.
  2. A seven-horse artwork in your residential complex in North Kolkata, according to Vastu Shastra, ensures financial and tranquil reliance on your life.
  3. Horses are known to symbolize speed and tenacity in Feng Shui. The invention of eight running ponies is intended to bring prosperity, serenity, and wealth into the home. On top of that, starting from career to Marriage, Health, Children, and Happiness will all be represented by eight horses in your residential complex in North Kolkata.

Things to Keep in Mind While Hanging Seven-Horse Paintings in Your Flats in North Kolkata

  • When purchasing a canvas, make sure that the horses’ faces have serene attitudes. Never choose a horse that has angry expressions on its face.
  • While buying the seven running horses painting for your best residential complex in North Kolkata, you should go with the white color of the horses. The color white believes in bringing serenity, success, growth, and wealth. White is the perfect color to choose whether you’re hanging it in your home or workplace.
  • Another thing to consider while selecting a 7-horse artwork for your flats in North Kolkata is the background. Never choose one depicting dust, storms, turbulence, sunset, or any other distressing or unfavorable weather condition in the background.
  • When purchasing a painting for your flats in North Kolkata, it goes without saying that you should think about the impact it has on you. Don’t buy a canvas if it doesn’t make you joyous or give you a pleasant sensation when you gaze at it.
  • Lastly, you should not purchase a canvas of a single rushing horse for your residential complex in North Kolkataas people consider it unlucky and prevent good fortune from entering your home. Be careful to choose a photograph with an odd number of horses for your flats in North Kolkata.

Now you know why horse painting has relevance in contemporary interior design. However, a home is where your soul is, so as long your soul is in your home, it will be a home sweet home, honey, with or without any paintings.

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