Is Your Apartment Secured?


How Secure Is Your New Apartment? 5 Point Checklist For New Buyers

Real estate projects these days are rapidly coming up in not just in Kolkata but also in habitable areas that are a little outside the perimeters of the city. These areas are presently gaining thorough popularity with prospective flat owners not only because of the affordability of the apartments but also the fact that they are a lot less crowded, greener and rather peaceful compared with the capital. A multitude of breath-taking projects in North Kolkata can be mentioned as an example in this respect.

On the flipside though, buyers need to be very attentive about the matter of security in these locations considering the fact that some of these areas may not have been inhabited before. So, here is a quick 5 point security checklist for new prospective home owners that can help in maximizing the cause of safe and happy living…

The surroundings and crime history

Before purchase you need to enquire whether the apartment is constructed on wastelands, swamps or ecosystems of the sort. This will give you a very clear picture of what to expect when rains begin to pour in and the types of insects, reptiles and small animals that may request refuge in your flat. At the same time, you should also enquire about the crime history of the area.

Entrances to the complex and security at the gate

Before short listing your apartment complex, you must walk through the perimeters and determine the design and sturdiness of the entrances. More often than not, there are two exit / entrance, one main and one secondary. Each of them should appear and be un-breachable. At the same time, there should be ample assurance of high quality security guards at the gate.  Most apartments in BT Road have met this critical security criterion with perfection.

Intercom system with gate to flat connection

Your apartment must be connected with proper functioning intercom system with gate to flat connection. The gate should always inform residents before hand when visitors arrive.

CCTV cameras at all corners

Installation of security cameras is imperative in all apartment complexes. You must also ensure that the cameras are functioning every minute of every day without fail.

Construction quality of doors and windows

The builders must ensure sturdiness in the construction of doors and windows. You must check if they are easily breachable? If yes, you must have them replaced with more complex systems that offer better security.

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