Know Why You Should Paint Your Home According to Your Zodiac Sign

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If you are buying an apartment, then your first concern is how to decorate your new home. As the best flats in Kolkata are mostly airy and spacious, you do not need to make it ‘look’ roomy.

If you haven’t planned your wall color yet, you can consider your zodiac sign while painting your best flats in North Kolkata. Here is a list of preferable wall color which can bring beauty and elegance in the room decoration and at the same time can lift the mood of the people born under those zodiac signs –

  1. Aries: As the ruling planet of Aries is Mercury, the red color brings good luck to the people born under this sign. However, yellow and white can also be good choices for them. If you are an Aries, you may pair up the brightness of yellow with fiery, elegant red to make a perfect combination.
  2. Taurus: Taurus is an earth element with Venus as the ruler. This year, the lucky colors for the people born under this zodiac sign are white and lotus pink. The soft, delicate pink can make your property in North Kolkata look vibrant, and the contrast of the colors can also give a trendy look.
  3. Gemini: For Gemini, the ruling planet is Mercury. Hence the individuals born under this sign may have an affinity towards the yellow and green color palettes. They can pick any shade from them for their room. If they prefer lighter shades, they can also consider pink and white.
  4. Cancer: As the people born under the zodiac sign have the moon as the ruler of their zodiac, they prefer nurturing colors. They may get ample options to choose from white, cream, and lemon color. If you do not prefer lighter colors, you can use the charm of rose-red color while painting your room.
  5. Leo: As Leo has the sun as ruler, beauty, elegance, and radiance are pretty much the favorite combination of the people born under this sign. The Leo natives can select from the shades of orange and red, which can look subtle and gorgeous.
  6. Virgo: As Virgo is an earth element, natives like to avoid the fiery colors. If you are a Virgo, you can choose from numerous shades of blue, green, white, and light yellow shades to bring in luck.
  7. Libra: If you are a Libra and want to bring luck, you may choose any shade of orange for their premium property in North Kolkata. If you are not, much fond of bright shades. You may choose any shade ranging from white to blue.
  8. Scorpio: Ruling planet for the Scorpio is Mars. Hence the lucky colors for the Scorpios include white, red, chocolate brown, and orange. You can combine the shade of orange and brown with some softness of white patterns. This can give your apartment a posh look.
  9. Sagittarius: Sagittarius natives are ruled by Jupiter, and for luck to favor them, they need to blend the warmth of dark yellow and orange in their life. If you are looking for less bright colors, green and cream can also be your choice as they can radiate a soothing aura.
  10. Capricorn: Capricorns are ruled by Saturn, and to make their year lucky, they can use dark shades of brown and green for painting their premium apartment in North Kolkata. If you are looking for something unique. You can select darker shades of purple.
  11. Aquarius: The air sign has a keen eye for bright colors. As the zodiac sign is ruled by Saturn, bright colors including white are lucky for them. If you are an Aquarius, native you can choose shades of light blue and purple for painting your apartment.
  12. Pisces: If you are a Piscean, you may find shades of yellow and orange as your lucky colors over the years. So, you can use a mixed shade of these two colors while painting your flats. If you are interested in selecting a lighter color, you can also use a light pink color. It will give a soft and soothing aura to your apartment.

So, after buying a luxury apartment in North Kolkata you can consider the above tips to paint your new residence. It can be a cool way to give a fresh touch to your new nest.

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