Long Curtains Can Be Your Best Friends

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Ready To Move Flats In North Kolkata

When you buy ready-to-move-in projects in Kolkata, you often keep curtain selection as the last sorting decision. Choosing long curtains adds great appeal to the aesthetics of your home décor. Long curtains create a different level of coziness and opulence by shutting out light and controlling heat gain and loss through windows. Thankfully numerous attractive and trendy long curtains are available on the market to deck up your ready-to-move-in projects in Kolkata.

So here are the tips mentioned below to choose your long curtains and style your ready-to-move flats in North Kolkata:

  • If you want to define the atmosphere and style of your room, the best modern approach would be to pair them with the texture and color of your room. Choose a fabric that will complement the living room décor you already have and provide you with a truly cohesive look. Suppose you have a navy blue texture wall, then pick blue linen long curtains that help tie the room’s décor together.
  • Taking stress over matching long curtains to your walls, carpet, or sofa, use a different shade of colors or contrast colors to add some visual interest to your ready-to-move flats in North Kolkata. Go for satin fabric which is just a couple of shades brighter or darker than the paint and will surely provide you with a sumptuous decorative look.
  • As the festive season is approaching, it is the best time to get a little playful with the long’s curtains. You can style up by choosing a more colorful floral pattern and long curtains to infuse an air of festive mood around the living room. In your otherwise pretty neutral patterned living room, injecting such a tinge of color and pattern balances the color tones of the walls.
  • Long curtains with decorative frills can make a difference and turn your simple window or door treatment into more of a fancy feature in your flat. Pick a simple color palette with such tiny and decorative texture is ideal for your ready-to-move-in projects in Kolkata and makes a lovely statement by adding interest to the leading edges of the long curtains.
  • Choosing floor-length, long curtains can be a favorite trick of yours. It will let you have some privacy or block lights. Even you can double the number of curtains to create a super cozy look. Crown it up with a fancy pelmet to have a neat finish. Layering over with full-length, long curtains adds depth and interest to your living space.
  • Long tie-back curtains are perfect for a regal look at your flats in North Kolkata. Those crescent-shaped curtains will add a traditional tinge and volume to the area.
  • When you think of partitioning your spaces or sectioning the areas in your residential projects in North Kolkata, use internal, long curtains to get privacy when needed. Hanging curtains like this can make you feel more intimate even in an open-plan space by separating the area from the rest of the room.

Decorate your space with long curtains in a splendid way to have privacy and complement the décor of your favorite property.

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