Lovely Wall Decor Ideas

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Wall Decor Ideas

Every home owner would want to have a lovely home with walls decorated in a stylish, attractive way. Although some people want to hire professional decorators to handle their wall decor requirements, others prefer DIY. If you fall in the second category of people, here are top 4 lovely wall decor ideas that you can use.

Add Wallpapers

You can transform your room by adding wallpapers to walls with plain color. There are wallpapers to be found in numerous varied textures and types. Choosing the best one depends on your tastes and preferences. Mix and match some colorful wallpaper and do not stick to only one to create a trendy, funky look.

Set Up Mirrors

You can make your rooms larger than actual size by setting up mirrors. Any room décor can be improved with the installation of mirrors. There are mirrors of many varied sizes which can be set up in just one wall. You should arrange the mirrors in the way you like and also mix these with various other wall hangings that you choose.

Add A Big Clock To The Wall

This is a great way to make your wall look livelier. Although large clocks can be costly enough, keeping one can be really worth it – and you can make a really traditional, old-style decoration. You can get big clocks in numerous colors and shapes, and you should select one which suits you the best.

Set Up Candles

Women love candles since a long time back, and these can be added to any room in order to enhance the smell. You may also add these to match the décor of the walls of your room. Get them in the same color scheme as that of your wall. Choose the sconces you like and add the candle of your choice.

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