Modern Kitchen Designs for your 3 BHK Flat in B.T. Road

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3 BHK Flat in B.T. RoadAre you planning to renovate your kitchen in your 3 BHK flat in B.T. Road? Kitchen renovation involves a lot of time and brainstorming to maintain a perfect balance between design and functionality.  To make your kitchen look more attractive, look at the list of must-haves that can add prominence and boldness to your space.

Layered Lights

Keep your kitchen illuminated with layers of lights to brighten up every corner. Hang pendant lights from the ceiling which can act as an accent to draw attention towards the island in the center of the kitchen. Install backlights behind the shelves or underneath them for an additional effect.

Highlight the glass cabinets by installing spotlights inside them and make your kitchen look bright and flamboyant in your 3 bedroom flat in B.T. Road. To save energy and cost, it is best if you use LEDs or CFLs which consume less power.


Shift your oven to waist height from under the counter. Now baking and cooking will become easier for you and you no longer have to bend down or kneel or stoop your neck to place utensils inside the oven or put hot food from the oven and transfer it to the table.

Another vital aspect of having a wall oven is that the cleaning process will become easier. After cooking a meal you don’t have to bend your body to clean the microwave oven. To create a seamless aesthetic opt for built-in appliances that give a smooth finish and an integrated look. The advantage of it is that it does not disturb the functionality of your kitchen. So, it’s high time that you upgrade your kitchen in your 3 bedroom flat in B.T. Road and make a stylish representation.

Pull-Out Pantry

If you have a small kitchen and there is lack of space, a pull-out pantry is your best solution. Cupboards require wider space. But if you have a good amount of depth then go for pull-out pantry system which you can view from both the sides in your kitchen.

More importantly, this system of a pull-out pantry is sleek and space-saving and you can customize it as per your needs with baskets and containers. You can keep a separate space for your wine bottles, too.

So, transform your kitchen into a modern-day look and style in your 3 bedroom flat in B.T. Road.

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