Moving into a New House? Follow These Vastu Tips to Enhance Positivity of your Home!

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3 bhk flat in B.T Road

There are certain things in our universe that are mysterious but have a concrete base and existence. Our ancestors have recognised the importance of the five components of the universe that are fire, air, water, land and earth. Through these elements evolved the concept of “Vastu Shastra”. It is an ancient and traditional Indian science of design and architecture that helps in creating a harmonious environment in your house. You should never ignore the concept of Vastu Shastra as it is not at all illogical, rather it possesses a scientific meaning behind it. If you are planning to shift to your new 3 bhk flat in B.T Road in North Kolkata, you must follow these vastu tips to dwell peacefully and happily in your new house.

Main door entrance

If you are hunting for new flats in North Kolkata, try out for flats that have their main doors facing towards the north-east direction. If you have already purchased your home and the main door of your apartment does not face the north-east direction, then don’t worry you can decorate your door with some religious symbols to attract positive vibes and eliminate the vastu defects.


According to Vastu Shastra, the kitchen is considered to be the most integral and unavoidable part of your house. The kitchen must be constructed in the south-east direction. If in any case it isn’t possible then you can even establish or set up your kitchen in north-west direction. Always keep in mind that the kitchen must be setup in a proper direction otherwise it can bring ill luck to your family.

Choose the auspicious time

Now that you have planned to move into your brand new 3 bhk flat in B.T Road, consult an astrologer and get yourself assigned an auspicious date and time as per the “Panchanga”. You must perform the “Griha Pravesh“ in order to bring a blessed fortune upon your home and your family members.


According to Hindu mythology in order to purify and get the divine blessings of God, Havan is performed. It is said that every spiritual offering is incomplete without a havan. So during your `Griha Pravesh’ do not forget to establish the idols of Lord Ganesh and Goddess Lakshmi. All kinds of spiritual offerings are performed with sacrificial fire at the centre with flowers, ghee, sweets, coconuts etc. and are offered to them. Holy Ganga water is sprinkled all over the house to remove negativity in the house with the expectance of abundance of wealth, health, happiness and prosperity.

Choose your interiors wisely

Whenever you choose interiors for your new flat in North Kolkata  make sure you do not invest too much of your interiors with dull colours especially black. Choose colours that are bright, light and vibrant. Always keep your house clean and allow positivity to radiate in through your interiors. Do not keep a mirror near your bed at your foot place. Always avoid dim lights and try to put on bright and colourful lights in your house.

Vastu Shastra should never be ignored and that is the reason why Starom Millennia designs its properties in North Kolkata in accordance with the principles of Vastu. So you need not worry about the construction of our properties. All you need to do is to design your home with all the positivity.

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