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Shine Your Home with These 3 Homemade Cleaners

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Have you got a flat in North Kolkata but are worried about keeping it tidy amidst the city’s pollution? Well, according to the cleaning experts, DIY all-purpose disinfectants and cleaners can be wonderful. Some of the things like vinegar or baking soda from the pantry of your new flat in North Kolkata work as homemade all-purpose cleaners more so, they cost next to nothing. It is not difficult to find an elegant apartment of your choice. Just google ‘top flat near me,’ and you get the list. Are you already in a mess and running out of your favorite cleanser? Instead of panicking, make this DIY homemade cleaner smoothly. You can try a mixture of these DIY homemade cleaners. These natural products kick smut to the curb at a budgeted rate. Scented All-Purpose Cleaner White vinegar Water Lemon rind Rosemary sprigs Make a combination of the above ingredients, keep it in a spray bottle, shake well, and let it get infused for a week before being put to use. The homemade all-purpose cleaner can remove hard water stains, wipe away wall smudges, clear trash cans, and much more. Apart from a fresh scent, the lemon can improve the solution. However,…

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Safety Tips to Remember Before Moving to a New Apartment

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Moving into the best luxury apartment in a sophisticated residential complex in metro cities like Kolkata is always exciting. But the ‘to-do list’ can be exhausting. You just can’t pack your belongings and be ready to move. You have to consider the safety tips are equally essential. Below are some of the quintessential tips you should be careful about before moving into a new complex. Reaching Out to The Current Landlord After notifying your landlord regarding not renewing your lease, you should let them know the day of your moving out. In response, the landlord will complete a move-out checklist with you and determine how and when you should return the keys. Contacting Your New Landlord Make sure to ask your new landlord of the top flats in north Kolkata about the time of receiving keys, parking area, size of service elevators to move big furniture, ways to pay rent, other checklists, etc. Making Necessary Arrangements Regarding Renters Insurance Renter’s insurances are required by your landlord in your rental lease. They protect your belongings in case of fires, theft, water damage, etc. It ensures you up to a certain amount to cover any harm done to your belongings. Setting Up…

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5 Reasons to Use a Green Mat in Modern Home Decor

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Luxurious apartments in Kolkata have been a dream for many people. It is a wise decision to pursue their speculation within their life cycle. But we know fewer facts about home décor. We will try to explain this idea from a little thing like mats in the top flats in Kolkata. Do you know, these mats act as a football defender? It will safeguard you and the respective members against mud, dirt, and water. What will happen if you choose a green mat? We will now try to explain why you should choose them for your best flats in Kolkata. Advantages of Using Green Mats for Luxurious Apartment in Kolkata Let Us Talk About Green It is the color that denotes interesting authoritativeness and renews your life with the feeling of abundance. You can effortlessly put a green mat at the entrance of your flat in Kolkata. People will enter your area with a relaxed state of mind. We can use green color mats in your bedroom of the top flats in Kolkata. It acts as a booster to renew your brain cells. It will lead towards a state of decisiveness. When you wake up in the morning, your eyes…

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Buying a Home is the Best Puja Gift You Can Offer Your Parents

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Parents undertake a pivotal role at different stages in the life of every individual. They help us at every stage of our life with their support, love, and guidance. Whatever is your age, parents will not leave you behind. They always strive to give their best for the comfort of their children. It should be the duty of the grown-up children to take care of their parents during their old age. Sometimes our parents have spent their savings on their child’s education. They might have sold their lovely house for sale because of the education or prospects of the children. They have spent their savings building a sweet home, but the parents have to deal with adjustments. After gaining financial independence, it should be the responsibility of children who are grown-up adults to buy the top luxurious flats in Kolkata. Apartment with Latest Convenience is what your Parents Deserve! Durga Puja is one of the most glorious festivals celebrated by every individual in the cosmopolitan world. It signifies a fresh new beginning to any work with no obstacles. So, nothing can be better than buying a new home as a gift to your parents. A chic apartment with all the…

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Timepieces are the In-Factor in Contemporary Home Decor

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Planning home decor is an equally tedious task as finding a home. Various aspects need to be kept in mind while planning a renovation or decoration. The stylish, luxurious apartments in Kolkata are built with a touch of modernity and the latest design. They demand matching accessories to create the perfect look and feel. Accessories have the power to make or break the ambiance of a room. While selecting the correct decorative item for homes, one should first zero on the theme. Every home has a story to tell. Select accessories wisely based on the concept, be it vintage, retro, or modern, etc. Contemporary Timepieces and Home Decor for the Best Flats in North Kolkata Modern home decor is minimalistic. It aptly describes the saying—less is more. Contemporary designs or home decor focus on simplicity and sophistication, eliminating unnecessary furniture, loud wall paints, etc., that crowd the place. This is the time of space crunch. Hence, even in the best flats in Kolkata, contemporary styles are becoming more popular. Contemporary home decor is all about being sleek and fresh. It relies on all decorative items that are functional and necessary. This is the reason the stunning timepieces are making their…

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Tips for Pre Puja Decoration of Your New Apartment

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Durga Pujo is not only a celebration. It is an emotion. Pujo in Kolkata is considered to be the biggest celebration of the year. People, irrespective of their age, take part in the festivities to the fullest. Right from buying new clothes to giving a makeover to the apartments, all seems to be a tradition an essential part of pujo preparation. Some Beneficial Pre Pujo Decor Tips Make your luxury apartments in Kolkata pujo ready with these easy to follow pre pujo decor tips: Beautify the Entrance Impress your guests with a warm traditional décor right at the entrance. Flowers bring out the festive vibe in the best way possible. One can make a flower rangoli, decorate the door with flower garland or even experiment with floating candles and flowers in a pot full of water. Wall Colour The easiest way to give your apartment a new look is by painting. Nothing sets the mood for pujo like vibrant colors. One can go for a contrast using a bright color for one wall and pale for others. Compared to a whole-house renovation, this method will also be easier on the pocket. One can also go for repainting only the pujo…

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Know Why You Should Paint Your Home According to Your Zodiac Sign

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If you are buying an apartment, then your first concern is how to decorate your new home. As the best flats in Kolkata are mostly airy and spacious, you do not need to make it ‘look’ roomy. If you haven’t planned your wall color yet, you can consider your zodiac sign while painting your best flats in North Kolkata. Here is a list of preferable wall color which can bring beauty and elegance in the room decoration and at the same time can lift the mood of the people born under those zodiac signs – Aries: As the ruling planet of Aries is Mercury, the red color brings good luck to the people born under this sign. However, yellow and white can also be good choices for them. If you are an Aries, you may pair up the brightness of yellow with fiery, elegant red to make a perfect combination. Taurus: Taurus is an earth element with Venus as the ruler. This year, the lucky colors for the people born under this zodiac sign are white and lotus pink. The soft, delicate pink can make your property in North Kolkata look vibrant, and the contrast of the colors can also…

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Get the Vastu Right for Your Home for Better Living

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While buying a plot or a flat, you may judge every nook and corner before doing so. Vastu Shastra is a crucial factor that determines the positioning of the house to channel positive energy. It brings prosperity. The best flats in North Kolkata follow the Vastu rules. However, you may feel confused about the wrong notions people have about south-facing flats. Many people may get cold feet while buying a south-facing flat because of some myths regarding it being inauspicious. However, as per the Vastu, no direction is unlucky or inauspicious. If the position of the rooms follows Vastu rules, you may experience luck and good health in a south-facing house. Here are some Vastu rules for a south-facing flat in North Kolkata: Position of the front door: For the south-facing houses, it is better to have the front door placed in the center position of the south-facing wall. If the door is more towards the left of the middle point, it’s still good. At the same time, it is a must that the front door is the largest and has an inward opening style. This makes the area welcoming for positive energies and helps to divert the negative ones….

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Tips to Decorate Your Apartment to Give Yourself a Comfortable Home

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The word, home is only a cluster of four walls until it receives a sense of comfort and peace. You can create your peaceful abode by using a few decoration tips. If you own a flat in North Kolkata, you already have an airy and well-lit space. Now it’s time to add some beauty with wall paints and decors. Here are a few decoration tips which can give you a sense of warmth and happiness – a) Add Some Neutral Shades: While decorating new flats in north Kolkata, you need to work on the neutral shades, at least in the beginning. To add softness and soothing aura, you can paint the walls with white color. You may also use similar color shades like off-white, cream for the purpose. This can relieve your stress. You can also choose the light shades of pastel colors as per your choice. To add a sense of aristocracy, you can add some gold detailing or decorations to them. For example, adding some yellow color or gold curtains which can bring some warmth. b) Bring A Splash of Colors: Though the light color gives a sense of comfort, it can be monotonous as well. To break…

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Top Reasons to have a Kids Play Area within Your Compound

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Gone are the days when folks used to have houses with gardens or backyards and children had adequate space to play carefree and move around freely. However, owning a luxurious apartment in Kolkata near me, in recent times, sounds like a dream. In a paradigm shift, when people are more inclined towards apartments rather than houses, habitation and lifestyle have affected the younger generation drastically. Nowadays, kids are primarily interested in indoor activities such as video games, computers, television, and mobile phones. Numerous scientific researches have inferred that this addition results in unfavorable physical problems and affects mental growth too. Outdoor activities and sports play a significant role in the development of your kids. Buying a flat near Dunlop metro with a kid’s play area encourages them to learn various social skills and interact with other children away from the custody of adults. They can learn how to get up quickly after a fall, how to take turns, and the meaning of self-reliance. It helps them to enjoy their freedom. Know the Benefits of Kid’s Play Area Below are the benefits of buying a flat in Dunlop with a children’s play area:  Promotes mental and physical growth  Develops…

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