Attractive Apartments in StarOm Millenia

Add Value to Your Home by Installing Plush Curtains

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Luxurious curtain can liven up your home in ways that very few accessories can. They add great color, help to set the tone for the rest of the decorating style and determines the mood, as well. It is similar to an artwork on the walls because it helps to give finish and frame to any room, where it is installed. Curtains Can Easily Amp Up a Space If you are looking to improve the appearance of your home, you can forget about expensive renovations or coloring of the walls. You can simply add a fresh twist to your home by adding opulent curtains. Just make sure to be careful, when choosing the color and style of the curtain. Curtains today are available in myriad colors, prints and patterns, as well as, fabrics and styles. Curtains Offer Protection and Privacy In addition to enhancing the aesthetic appeal of your home, curtains also provide you with the security and privacy that you want. It goes a long way in protecting your couches, carpets and other furniture from the harsh rays of the sun. Attractive Apartments in StarOm Millenia The 2 or 3 BHK apartments in StarOm Millenia, a luxurious residential project, come…

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modern kitchen

Essential Tips to Create a Modern Kitchen

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The trend in kitchen design is changing quite rapidly. The kitchen being the heart of any home, it is important to redecorate it to keep up with the changing needs. If you want to add the oh-so-modern touch to your kitchen space, follow the given suggestions. Colors – A fresh coat of color can make a big difference to any space. Contemporary kitchens are all about soothing neutrals or bright contrasting shades. Such lively colors really makes the cooking space come alive and enthuse one to doll out delicious dishes. Create built-in spaces for appliances – Let your countertop breathe! Design separate built-in spaces for your electrical appliances, such as coffee maker, microwave and so on. Glass-fronted cabinets – You do not need to convert all the cabinets into glass-fronted ones. But, even if you add a couple of cabinets with plain glass or colored glass shutters, it will add a light contemporary look to the overall kitchen decor. Open kitchen – If you want to create a modern, space-saving kitchen, you may consider an open kitchen. Not only does it save a lot of space, but it allows the person cooking to chat and cook, at the same time….

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Looking for an Apartment

Safety Living Tips, When Looking for an Apartment

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Your safety is your responsibility and it is in your hands to make sure that you are safe. If you are looking for a new place to live, there are certain factors that you must consider, which are: Living amenities and facilities The location The price of the apartment In addition to the above-mentioned, another crucial point to consider is your overall protection, irrespective of whether you are living with your spouse, family or alone. Take note of the security tips stated below for a safe life. # Install Security Cameras And Alarms One of the best ways to have complete peace of mind is by installing cutting-edge security cameras and alarm systems that can be incorporated with your smartphones. These latest security systems will allow you to keep an eye on your property, while you are away, and raise alarm to the concerned authority, in case of any forced entries or burglary. # Do Not Compromise On Light Lots of light means total security. Burglars and intruders usually stay away from properties that are properly lit up. Criminals prefer darkness for the successful execution of their plan, without anyone recognizing them. # Thoroughly Research The Neighborhood It is important…

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North vs South Kolkata

Where to Live in the City of Joy – North or South Kolkata?

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North Vs South Kolkata is a decade-long debate, which every citizen of Kolkata is extremely passionate about. Even for people coming from elsewhere, this debate has always been an intriguing point of interest. The fact is that both parts of the city have witnessed rapid growth of super swanky apartments and high rise buildings. North Kolkata Has the Spirit, South Lags Behind South may be better developed, but it seems detached. If you are looking for the soul of the city, it lies in the north. Where the walls of the heritage buildings end, the high-rise residential projects begin, and it beautifully juxtaposes each other. North Kolkata is richly soaked in the culture and tradition that Kolkata is so famous for. StarOm Millenia – In the Heart of North Kolkata If you are looking for an apartment, do check out the luxurious, yet affordable high-rise residential project, StarOm Millenia. It is located in B.T. Road, North Kolkata and is merely 7.1 kms away from Dum Dum, one of the biggest commercial centers in Kolkata. This project boasts of fabulous connectivity and extravagant facilities, such as 24/7 CCTV surveillance, gymnasium, swimming pool, open space for the children, basketball court and so…

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projects in B.T. Road

Gain Peace and Happiness with Vastu Shastra Bedroom Designs

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Are you bothered with sleep disorder? Do you wake up feeling lethargic, even after sleeping for 8-hours? If yes, vastu can help you to eliminate your sleep-related issues. Since one-third part of everyone’s life is spent in the bedroom, it calls for all the more reasons to follow the rules of vastu, when designing the bedroom, to ensure peace, prosperity and health. The Vastu Guidelines for Designing the Bedroom The Southwest part of a house represents the element of Earth and it implies heaviness, which is why it is the ideal place for the master bedroom to be located. In addition to the direction and location of the bedroom, a lot of emphasis should also be paid to the design of the room. The bed should be placed in a way that the headboard is on the East or South. For a blissful married life, the mirror or dressing table should be placed on Northern or Eastern walls. The locker, which is used to keep money, should face the Northern side, to ensure success. In case you have an attached bathroom in your bedroom, make sure that the door of the bathroom does not face the bed. Whether you are…

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Go Green and Save Money with Eco-friendly Lighting

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Green homes do not just mean that you are doing your bit for the environment, but it also goes a long way in reducing cost. If you are looking to purchase a house, take a look at the brand new residential project, StarOm Millenia. It is located on B.T Road in North Kolkata and enjoys excellent connectivity. The high-rise residential building project is constructed of cutting-edge earthquake-proof technology and is available at an affordable price ! StarOm Millenia Unveils a Sustainable Community A team of forward-thinking property developers and architects got together to create a one-of-a-kind residential project. This project aims to create a green community and for that, the entire building is run on eco-friendly lighting fixtures. The energy-consuming fluorescent bulbs have been replaced by energy-efficient LED lighting fixtures. Living in StarOm Millenia will give homeowners the peace of mind that they are contributing towards the environment and securing the future of their children. It will also positively help to bring down the monthly energy bills and make the environment pollution-free. The aim of the developers of this first-rate high-rise residential building project is to make the dwellers feel that they are living a sustainable life, every day. With eco-friendly…

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The StarOm Millennia Project Makes Traveling to Shantiniketan Easy

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The luxurious StarOm Millenia residential project located in B.T road boasts of excellent connectivity. Shantiniketan is 2.5 hours away, via the NH19, from this fabulous high-rise building. Living here, not only gives you a chance to make frequent weekend getaways and road trips, but also offers you with amazing living facilities and amenities. This residential project consists of 2 BHK and 3 BHK flats that are excellently decorated and the structure is fully earthquake-proof. You can expect fully air-conditioned gymnasium, game room and community hall, swimming pool, badminton court, and more. Additionally, you can look forward to free Wi-Fi, 24/7 CCTV surveillance, car parking facility, and more. Shantiniketan – A breathtaking weekend getaway destination When you feel too tired with the hustle and bustle of city life, pack your bags and head to Shantiniketan, a small town situated near Bolpur in the Birbhum district of West Bengal. This town is approximately 160 kms north of Kolkata and made famous by Nobel Laureate, Rabindranath Tagore. It is popular as a university town with the presence of Visva-Bharti University, which is unique for its refreshing twist on the style of imparting education – the students study outside in the open, listening to…

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Demonetization – A Boon For Property Buyers

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Owning a home is a distant dream for most city dwellers. Due to the exorbitant real estate prices, people are compelled to live in rented properties. However, demonetization seems to have come as a breath of fresh air for all those yearning to have a home of their own. Developers are offering opulent high-rise buildings at prime locations of the city at affordable price points. Another great effect of demonetization has been in the form of a downward pressure on the structure of interest rates. A lot of people have to think twice before applying for a home loan as they cannot afford the sky high EMIs. The decreased rate of interest will come as a huge relief to all those waiting for an opportunity to buy an extravagant home. Live Royally in StarOm Millenia’s Luxurious Residential High-rise Building You can now own an affluent home in the StarOm Millenia’s classy high-rise residential building project for 45 lakhs onward. In addition to an awe-inspiring architecture and fabulous interior decor, this property boasts of prime location. It is located on B.T. Road in North Kolkata and guarantees to offer you with high standards of living facilities and amenities. Take advantage of…

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2 and 3 bhk Flat near Baranagar Metro

Baranagar – One of the Major Industrial Centers in North Kolkata

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Baranagar is a municipality in Kolkata, West Bengal. It is the place where the prestigious institution Indian Statistical Institute stands, which is dedicated to teaching, research and use of social sciences, statistics and natural sciences. Baranagar has many cotton-processing companies and it is also a big industrial center for the production of industrial and agricultural machinery, matches, chemicals and castor oil. The Baranagar – Metro line is a proposed metro network that will see Baranagar being connected with the Noapara Metro station through a new metro railway route. At present, work on the project is ongoing and the project is likely to finish by the end of 2017. StarOm Millenia –The Residential Project Standing out The StarOm Realty Group presents a residential project named StarOm Millenia, which is located only 900 ms away from the proposed Baranagar – Metro rote. It is located on B.T. Road Kolkata. The project has all the modern facilities and amenities located close to it, from prestigious schools, hospitals, ATMs, banks and colleges. Living close to the proposed Metro railway allows access to the entire city with short travel time. All these factors prove why a flat at StarOm Millenia can be a dream property….

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flat near Belgharia

Belgharia – The old world charm of North Kolkata

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Belgharia is a city and suburb that is located to the north of the capital city of West Bengal, Kolkata. This is a well-known business hub located close to B.T Road, and it falls under the Kamarhati Municipality. The place is well connected to other parts of Kolkata through buses, trains and other transportation modes. The area has many schools such as Trivasa Academy High School, Belgharia Ramakrishna Mission (Polytechnic Institution), Belgharia Mahakali Girls High School and Udaypur Haradayal Nag Adarsha Vidyalaya; health centers and hospitals like Ariadah Matri Sadan, Diagaid Clinic & Diagnostic Centre and Sagar Dutta State General Hospital & Medical College; banks and ATMs of SBI, Bank of Baroda, IDBI etc. and markets such as Dr. P.N.Dey market, Belgharia Municipal Market and Belgharia Rail Bazar. The place comes with the charm of old Kolkata along with all the new amenities and accommodations that can be expected by a modern city dweller. You will love to live here and enjoy all that the place has to offer. StarOm Millenia – Buy your dream home now! StarOm Millenia is a residential project from the prestigious StarOm Realty Group, situated at B.T. Road Kolkata. It is located only 2.2 km…

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