A Perfect Vastu Guideline for Your Apartment in B.T. Road

apartments in B.T. Road

While buying an apartment in B.T. Road, very few people tend to look out for the Vastu guidelines. Vastu Shastra is a prehistoric principle which demonstrates the guidelines on how the laws of nature influence human dwellings. Vastu Shastra mentions that the world contains ‘Pancha Maha Bhoota’ also known as the five fundamental elements. Out of the eight planets, Earth has life because of the existence and stability of these five elements. These five essential elements are Earth, Water, Air, Fire, and Space.

It is reportedly noticed that apartments ignoring Vastu Shastra may encounter several unpleasant things. Here’s set of Vastu tips you must know before and after buying an apartment:

Main Entrance: It is a good sign to have the main entrance from the north, east or northeast. On the contrary, south or west doors are considered to be dire because from this direction afternoon’s harmful infrared rays penetrate your apartment.

Master Bedroom: The location of the master bedroom should be in the Southwest corner. Vastu Shastra states that shapes for master bedrooms should either square or rectangular. If the master bedroom is rectangular, then the principle says that sensible length to breadth proportion must be less or equal to 1:2. The master bedroom must be larger than the rest of the rooms of the flat. In case of a duplex or triplex apartment, the master bedroom should be on the top floor.

Kitchen: Vastu is essential for the kitchen, as the kitchen represents the element of “fire.” Vastu Shastra asks to refrain having a kitchen in the north-east direction. The kitchen must be constructed in the southeast corner of the flat, and thus the cook will have to face the east when cooking. The kitchen and toilets must not be adjoining. You must not think of placing the cooking gas burner in a straight line ahead of the kitchen’s entry door.

Restrooms: Toilets and bathrooms can radically become a foremost foundation of harmful energy if they are not constructed according to guidelines and standards prescribed by Vastu Shastra. Restrooms should be located in south or west while the flow of water will be in the north-east direction. The pot in the toilet must be placed in a way so that a person using the commode doesn’t face East or West. The toilet must be built 1-2 feet higher than ground level.

Study Room: The location of the study room can be North, West, East, Northeast, and Northwest corners. The study table must be kept in Eastern or Northern wall.

Balconies and Windows: According to Vastu Shastra, apartments having north or east facing windows and balconies are perfect. This is because that morning sunlight comes inside the house with a lot of positivity.

Children’s Room: The perfect placement for Children’s room is the west direction. While buying an apartment in B.T. Road, you must also check if the bed in children’s room can be positioned on the South-west portion of a room. This would let your child sleep with head facing the South or East direction and provides peace of mind. The door to your child’s room must not meet the bed directly. The child’s study table should look towards the East, North or North-east. In fact, the area of study must be free of confusion. This would advance concentration and create a focused environment which is ideal for breeding new ideas.

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