Plants That Are Perfect for Your Cozy Balcony and Refreshing Mood

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high-rise apartment in north Kolkata

Have you been just shifted to a high-rise apartment in north Kolkata and want to decorate it with some houseplants? Since plants not only make a room feel more cozy and welcoming but are also good for your physical and mental wellbeing. Therefore, this could be a great idea. A NASA study found that houseplants can reduce indoor air pollutants such as formaldehyde and benzene. Another research has pointed that indoor plants boost creativity, reduce stress, and help uplift your mood.

No matter whether the balcony of your 2 bedroom apartments in Baranagar is on the ground floor or somewhere above, container plants are supposed to make it charming. Window boxes full of flowers will attract pollinators like hummingbirds and butterflies, and their fragrance will add refreshment to your balcony. You can also grow edibles there and nourish a kitchen garden with few herbs or compact veggies.

But, before you add to your plant family, take a look at your lighting situation. Indoor plants that require bright sunlight can best grow at south-facing windows, where there is no scarcity of concentrated light. You can fix them at east- or west-facing windows. However, the fact that light is less intense there will obstruct the growth.

However, if your new flat in north Kolkata doesn’t have sufficient natural light or windows, you can get an LED to grow light. You can easily clip the fixtures to an end table or bookshelf. You must be aware that numerous plants tolerate low light conditions. But make sure to choose plants that aren’t toxic when your pets are nibblers.

Following are some of the best balcony plants to green up your space and refresh moods

1. Lavender: These perennials require full sunlight, and they will bloom for a long time with a magical aroma that will transport you to the Mediterranean.

2. Fuchsia: You can place these stunning shades of red, pink, or purple in window boxes. You can also use hanging baskets in full shade.

3. Sweet Alyssum: These are fragranced and delicate blooms that flower from spring to frost. Pollinators adore them too. You need to be careful about sunlight and keep watering at regular intervals.

4. Caladium: It has striking heart-shaped leaves with vibrant hot pink, red, or lime green markings. The 10 inches to 2 feet tall plant requires a slightly large pot to spread out.

5. Hibiscus: The rich colors and exotic blooms of wide varieties of hibiscus will make a beautiful addition to a balcony garden in the tropical gateway. They require space and full sunlight.

6. Rose: These beauties are easy to grow. But for indoor, you need to choose shrub rose or miniature variety which will thrive in pots. But, make sure they have at least six hours of sun for the best blooms.

After buying a flat near Baranagar metro, you can also make your dream of growing herbs, lettuce, green onions, hot peppers, and microgreens on the balcony.

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