Questions to Consider while Choosing a Perfect Neighbourhood?

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While you are planning on to buy a new home, one of the first things that you need to decide is having a perfect neighbourhood in which you can live peacefully. The neighbour where you decide to stay sets the tone for your daily life. The Top real Estate Projects come with neighbourhoods that have different set of amenities. A good Real Estate agent might provide you with all the information and resources about a neighbourhood but it is you who must have your own outlook and analysis of that place where you want to settle.

While location and many other factors such as community, area and the environment plays a major role in determining a perfect neighbourhood, here are a few questions that you might consider before choosing that place!

1. What kind of amenities would you desire?

Each and every neighbourhood has it’s own features and amenities that people might look for while buying a home near that place. You might want an apartment with access to gymnasium, swimming pool, tennis lawn, basketball court, conference halls and much more. Neighbourhoods vary from one another and it completely depends on you what kind of facilities you would want to avail. Some of the amenities that you might want to consider includes :

  • Quality and Accessibility of Neighbourhood Schools
  • Area for walkability
  • Grocery, stationary and supermarket stores access
  • Restaurants or cafes in the vicinity
  • Playgrounds for kids
  • Public Transportation Availability

2. What will be the commute time and conveniences?

Convenience is a critical component while choosing the right neighbourhood.

 A common factor that might determine the convenience of different neighbourhoods is the proximity of expressways and highways, distance from school or work, traffic patterns and access to public transit. The best way you can figure out the commute time is by taking a test run from the neighbourhood to your desired place during rush hours. Choosing the right neighbourhood will make it easier for you to save time and travel hassle-free.

3. What type of neighbourhood community suits you?

Every neighbourhood consist of various communities and people coming from different backgrounds. Some neighbourhoods might be full bursting with community events and other activities while some are better for those who prefer a more private lifestyle. You can also get to know about how clean the neighbourhood is, if the area is free of crimes and so on. Every community offer their own charm, culture and conveniences and hence you are the one who needs to decide what matters the most and choose accordingly.

Thus, the Best Residential Apartments and some of the Top Real Estate Projects in North Kolkata will offer the perfect neighbourhood that can suite any kind of lifestyle you want. Take your time, make a list of what all you would want in a neighbourhood, approach a real estate agent and you are good to go!

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