Safety Tips to Remember Before Moving to a New Apartment

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Moving into the best luxury apartment in a sophisticated residential complex in metro cities like Kolkata is always exciting. But the ‘to-do list’ can be exhausting. You just can’t pack your belongings and be ready to move. You have to consider the safety tips are equally essential. Below are some of the quintessential tips you should be careful about before moving into a new complex.

Reaching Out to The Current Landlord

After notifying your landlord regarding not renewing your lease, you should let them know the day of your moving out. In response, the landlord will complete a move-out checklist with you and determine how and when you should return the keys.

Contacting Your New Landlord

Make sure to ask your new landlord of the top flats in north Kolkata about the time of receiving keys, parking area, size of service elevators to move big furniture, ways to pay rent, other checklists, etc.

Making Necessary Arrangements Regarding Renters Insurance

Renter’s insurances are required by your landlord in your rental lease. They protect your belongings in case of fires, theft, water damage, etc. It ensures you up to a certain amount to cover any harm done to your belongings.

Setting Up Your Utilities

Before you shift to the top flats in Kolkata, make sure to check those utilities, which are your obligation. Usually, the landlords cover water and trash, and parties need to set up electricity, gas, cable, and internet.
Carefully decide which prices and providers are best for you and add them to the cart. Attempting to set them up all at once is time-saving.

Changing Your Address

You must contact USPS to change your address. However, make sure to select whether your new address is temporary or permanent, an individual or family address, and choose a forward date as your move-in date. Forget not to update it with your bank, medical offices, credit card, subscriptions, and let your friends and family know, as well.

Researching Your New Neighborhood

Take some time to get introduced to the shops and grocery stores in the area. You can opt for a new gym membership or need to find out the best bars and restaurants or what transportation is accessible nearby as well.

Shopping For New Furniture

When your new place is larger than the old one, or you require new furniture, continue shopping at leading furniture stores to find new attractive pieces for your new residence.

Considering Storage

In case you’re downsizing, or there are items that you no longer need in your new place, then you can go for renting a storage unit. There are reputed companies that will securely store your belongings at a plausible price.

Packing Your Belonging and Hiring Professional Movers

Early packing saves time. Organizing the last-minute belongings and disassembling furniture with professional movers make moving easier. Hire them at a budgeted rate.

So, here are your safety tips. You should remember them before you shift to a new residence.

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