Selecting Fixtures to Make Your Bathroom Luxurious

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Living well and in style is like the right of everyone out there planning to buy a flat in the best apartments in Kolkata. Budget low or high, a little careful selection of the fixtures around the house where the bathroom calls for the majority attention will give you the desired living you want.

Here is a list of the primary functionality providers that have the power to give your bathroom a premium finish which you would want to flaunt on a best residential complex in north Kolkata.


Washbasins make the focal point of the bathroom space. Decide on the priority, how it looks or how it works. You can go for classic vitreous China or for the more modern approach with glass material. Pedestal styles are timeless space savers available in different shaped and sized bowls. Or, you can go for a deeper, under-mounted sink with a single-handled arching faucet.

Shower Fixtures

Body sprayers, rain showerheads, dual shower heads, all of them give your bathroom the glamorous look you want for your flat in a best residential complex in north Kolkata. There are cost-effective fashion-in products available in the market for a standard bathroom that you can easily avail yourself of. The various showerheads available are wall-mount units, hand-held units, rain showerheads, body sprays, and if you desire a combo pack, you can always go for a rain shower and wall mounts together.


The modern designs cater to varied colors and designs for you to choose from the same. Sleeker designs may call for a higher budget but are apt for modern homes. Taller commodes are preferable for most homes, especially people who require assistance, but not for the kids. Taller toilets have 16 to 18 inches of height, where the standard ones are usually between 14 to 15 inches. Think of functionality with design under your budget, and there is a wide range available with the manufacturers who are taking toilet designs to the next level.


You can have that spa-like feel in your standard bathroom with the addition of a bathtub. A tub can spice up all an ordinary-looking bathroom into a high-end luxurious one. First, determine the dimensions of your bathtub. Ensure that it fits well into your space without giving it a cluttered feel. Now, decide on the style you want. Soaking tubs, clawfoot tubs or corner drop-in tubs, small or large tubs, they all can give that finish to your otherwise unexciting bathroom.


They can give a modern-looking bathroom with their stylish designs and high functionality. From antique and rustic design to modern and sleek, you can have them the way you want for your home in one of the topapartments in Kolkata. Oil-rubbed bronze, nickel, and chrome are some popular finishes to talk about.

Though plumbing fixtures are the primary affair, taking place around the bathroom, that does not necessarily mean that you need to go for the expensive ones for a luxury bathroom.

Talk of a TV set inside the bathroom or therapeutic lights. You can have them all. You just need to decide what you want within your budget for your little space in the best residential complex in North Kolkata.

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