Seven Bookcase Hacks for Your Lovely Home

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If the bookshelf you bought at the flea market appears to require repair, you may certainly give it some tender love and care and give it new life. New bookshelf ideas, not new bookshelves, are what you require for your luxury flats in North Kolkata.

The best residential complex in Kolkata also needs the best kinds of bookshelf that you can make yourself with just simple hacks. So here are some ideas that you can use to create a bookshelf that you like.

Use Some Paints

Make a simple bookshelf more appealing by adding a beautiful appliqué before painting or staining. The final appearance will be similar to carving. Finish the bookcase with a faded creamy white after mounting both. Use furniture overlays to provide raised ornamentation to a broader area, such as the bookshelf sides.

Forming an Alcove

Building a room around a piece of furniture gives it a warm, architectural vibe. Nestle the sofa between two bookcases on the inside corner. Crown molding that runs along the wall, the built-in paintings, moldings, and the deep-blue color walls, will connect the bookcases in your flats in North Kolkata.

A Look that Resembles a Pine-Panel

Even the most minimalistic interior needs storage. The treatment of a whitewash and integrated shelves brought knotty-pine paneling into the twenty-first century in this restored 1950s cottage. The shelves in this open-plan living-dining area will organize all of the minute items—books, art, and knickknacks—while also maximizing interior space by utilizing the existing wall as a back wall.

An Airy Effect

The bookcase doubles as a headboard and a backdrop, storing extra books with reading glasses and some ornamental items if you like. The fixed shelves will echo the rectangles made by the bed, bench, and even the rafters above, giving the room a lightness that gives the impression of more space in your luxury flats in North Kolkata. In addition, they will serve as a significant barrier between the bedroom and the bathroom.

Play with Colors

Often, people are afraid to play with colors for decorating the interior of their homes. But in case you are creating a bookcase for your new apartment, don’t shy away from experimenting with vivid colors. Paint the bookcase with contrasting colors, such as green and blue or red and pink. It will put a nice and quiet unique touch on your bookcase.

Use Different Items

Don’t just keep books on your bookshelf. Some different home decor items, such as a small fake plant, a showpiece, or photo frames with pictures of your loved ones, will also look nice. These added items are sure to enhance the look of your bookcase.

Pay Attention to the Placement

Make sure you place the books in a color-coded manner. Keep the ones that have similar tints or hues in them together. So, this way, all the books will align to a specific color and attract the visitor’s gaze whenever they give a visit to your best residential complex in Kolkata.

Hopefully, you find these hacks useful to decorate your bookshelf for the best residential complex in Kolkata. It ensures that your apartment looks as enchanting and magnificent as possible. If you are looking for the best luxury flats in North Kolkata, then Starom Millenia has some top projects that you can check out at the earliest.

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