Smart Storage Solutions for your 2 BHK flat in B.T Road

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If you planning to move into a 2 BHK apartment then you must know some smart solutions to make sure all your belongings adjust in the house. Do you want to see the kitchen or living room is always stuffed with items and things lying about here and there? No one would love to experience this sort of scenario. There is nothing to worry about as we will talk about some hacks that will help you manage storage even in 2BHKs!

Presenting you 5 Smart Storage Possibilities

Here are some probable storage ideas for 2 BHK Flats in B.T Road, North Kolkata to keep your things in a better as well as organized while having some space left.


  • Purchase bed with in-built storage facilities

The idea seems great about having a cabinet placed right beneath the bed to store all the belongings. Built a shelf at the head of the bed of the master bedroom to make it look neat and tidy. If you have empty walls, go for a designer or be imaginative by yourself to add something. You can attach pictures, pen-holders, stuffed toys, or possibly a showpiece. Moreover, you can develop a hidden storehouse area just below the bed area to keep the extra quilts, bedspreads, and coats that are not much in use.


  • Kitchen storage hacks

The kitchen is a single area in your apartment that takes up a huge amount of space. All modern 2 bedroom flats in B.T. Road are equipped with well-organized cabinets. Still, if you are falling short of space, you can invest in petite metal frames. It will be an open area where you can flaunt your unique kitchenware and dishes. Decorate these kinds of frames to make the kitchen look attractive.


  • Make use of the living room wall

Usually, living room walls in homes have a wall-mounted TV, and the whole surface remains empty. You can either use it to make bookshelves or hand flower pots in frames. Also, you can put up a small home theater.


  • Create space behind the doors of the apartment chambers

The back of the doors or even closets have some inches gap that can accommodate many things. You can insert metal hooks behind the door to put up overcoats, dresses, or scarfs. In the same way, you can install hooks, pen-holders, and simple metal racks at the back of the closet door. It is a very convenient place to store jewelry, hairbrush, etc.


  • Invest in multi-functional sitting fittings

With new flats in B.T. Road, modern and contemporary aspects are all coming together under one roof. However, for compact 2 BHK, furniture can perform a variety of roles. Sofas can have in-built extra bedding so that when necessary it can be turned into a bed. Moreover, you can attach some cabinets beside the bed, or the sofa to increase some room for additional belongings. To enhance the ottoman of your living room or the apartment, doubling space in the given area is notably relevant.


So, these were the five cool and easy hacks for making some space at new flats in North Kolkata. Make use of these points and create a beautiful home with lots of storage facility without any worries.

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