3 BHK Flats in BT Road

Bedroom Makeover Tips 2018

Bedroom Makeover Tips: Freshen Up Your Safe Haven

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Bedroom is privy to your innermost desires and fears. It is where you can laugh and weep without any inhibitions. Since this room plays such a special role in your life, it deserves a special treatment. So, spruce up your bedroom with the following low-cost makeover tips. Bring Some Color to Your Bedroom Neutral is outdated and entering 2018, you must embrace the different shades of color that life has to offer. Do not be scared of showcasing your flamboyant personality. However, you can keep shades of neutral in the form of furniture while adding burst of vibrant hues in the form of artwork, accents and wall color. Integrate Varied Textures for More Comfort The texture of a bedroom plays a huge role in increasing or decreasing the comfort of a room. You can alter the texture of your bedroom easily by changing linens – cotton throw in summer and furry throw in winter. You can also bring hand-tufted rugs, polished wood, embroidered fabrics and such other things into the décor of your bedroom. Draw Attention to Your Beautiful Bed with Accent Pillows The personality of your bedroom can be altered quickly with the addition of accent pillows. They can…

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2 and 3 BHK flat

Benefits of Living Close to Kolkata Airport

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Properties in and around the Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose International Airport are in high demand. B.T. Road near Dum Dum is one such place in the city of joy. The reasons why residential buildings are flourishing here and people are flocking to live there are given below. Easy and Convenient Access to All Parts of the City With the presence of Kolkata Airport only a stone’s throw away, B.T. Road is the new destination for the elites and facility-mongers. Airports are usually well-connected, via flyovers and roads for easy accessibility and properties around take that advantage. B.T. Road boasts of seamless connectivity and excellent transport links with the rest of the city and even metro plans are in the pipeline. As such, 2 and 3 BHK flat providers, such as StarOm Millenia, are sought-after choices among home-buyers. Economic Activity & Increased Local Amenities Proximity to important infrastructure project is known to push up realty development in the area. With infrastructure project being the international airport, is vicinity is bound to emerge as a commercial hub. Salt Lake Sector V is the IT hub of Kolkata and it is within minutes from B.T. Road. Furthermore, retail outlets, schools, hospitals, restaurants and…

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powerful power backup

24/7 Power Backup is a Guarantee – A Must

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Buying that ‘dream’ home is definitely not an easy task. Since this is one of the biggest financial purchases in your life, you better be careful. Not only must you have a budget in mind, but check the location, the amenities and facilities offered and so on. Among all that, one thing that should play an important role in decision-making is power backup. Why, you ask? Because you obviously cannot live in darkness! 24 hours power supply and backup is extremely important for uninterrupted living. You will definitely not want to return home, after a hard day of work, to find that there is no electricity. Would you? Also, imagine that you wake up in the morning, have an important meeting to attend, need to press your best pair of clothes and there is no electricity. Such unforeseen conditions can be handled by living in a 2 or 3 BHK flat in StarOm Millenia. This plush residential project offers 24/7 power backup to its esteemed residents. With a powerful power backup system, StarOm Millennia ensures that residents do not have to face the wrath of frequent power-cuts. Also, there is the element of safety. With the hallways and common passageways…

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Residential Apartments in North Kolkata

Growing Demand of Residential Apartments in North Kolkata?

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Over the last few decades, Kolkata has witnessed massive infrastructural development and re-development. As the main city area of Kolkata is rapidly reaching a point of saturation, brand new real estate developments are taking place in the peripherals of the city. These peripheral areas have received impetus from the recent development and expansion of the metro and road connectivity. One such area that holds great promise is B.T. Road in North Kolkata. B.T Road – the Upcoming Property Destination One of the key demand factors of B.T. Road is its close proximity to Dum Dum, an area undergoing rapid industrialization. Also, its closeness to Dum Dum, strategically places the area superbly close to the airport and the major commercial hub, Sector V. More and more people are purchasing residential flats in B.T. Road because of this. Also, thanks to the proposed metro and numerous flyovers, this area enjoys excellent connectivity and transport links to the precinct of the city. Tapping into the promise of this up-and-coming area and huge demand for affordable, yet extravagant apartments, a number of property developers have started investing here. StarOm Realty is one such reputed group who is coming up with a magnificent G+12 High…

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Wall Decor Ideas

Lovely Wall Decor Ideas

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Every home owner would want to have a lovely home with walls decorated in a stylish, attractive way. Although some people want to hire professional decorators to handle their wall decor requirements, others prefer DIY. If you fall in the second category of people, here are top 4 lovely wall decor ideas that you can use.

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Landscaping: A New Era Magic to Live Life King-Size

Landscaping: A New Era Magic to Live Life King-Size

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Modern day living and architecture isn’t just about chaos and high rise buildings! The benefits that this new era brings goes a long way too. For instance, landscaping or landscape architecture that’s gaining prominence amidst the upcoming residential projects, promote greater sustainability through the promotion of what is called “green space”!   What is Landscaping? Majority of residents today aren’t clear about the concept of landscape architecture and neither about the landscape that they would prefer to have around their residential buildings! There are many that might be even unaware about the site planning side of this phenomenon.  Simply put, landscape design involves all the detailed elements of residential projects that include aspects like: Surface paving Retaining walls Outdoor lighting Planting and gardening Fencing Placement of architectural structures Site planning that comprises of pedestrian and vehicular circulation within the premises of the residential complex, the surface drainage and grading, wind and sun orientation, view management and the way the outdoor areas gets used.   All these put together in variable measures results in creating security, sustainability, convenience and accessibility.   Impact on the quality of life A well-thought out and planned landscape appeals to individual senses! Architects and lifestyle experts…

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projects in B.T. Road

Best Property Buy or Investment

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North Kolkata was previously considered to be a hub of quintessential Bengali culture and tradition. Today, it has acquired a new dimension with the leading real estate brands investing in regions like B.T. Road and allowing people to live or invest in dream homes. Are you interested in buying or investing in a 2/3 BHK flat? If yes, B.T. Road, North Kolkata provides you with best accommodation facilities and living conditions  that truly exemplifies urban, posh and swank 21st century living!

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Modern Home Architecture & Decor Trends

Modern Home Architecture & Decor Trends Of 2016: A Brief !

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Your home is your personal abode. It must reflect your aesthetic sense in the way you exercise the decking up options. Modern day homes are all about how you let space and functionality marry each other by including the best furniture items and set up your home decor in an eye-grabbing way. Checking out some modern home architecture trends that will hook guests’ attention and make them come up with a ‘wow.’ If you are investing/have invested in one of the best flats in North Kolkata, booking/booked a 2BHK flat in B.T. Road or a 3 bedroom flat in B.T. Road, check out the top 6 ways to make your flat look stunning! 1. Your bedroom : A reflection of privacy and superior comfort The Scandinavian-inspired designs, bed frames, accessories are the top choices now. While shades of gray and white are the preferred hues, letting natural light come in is the new norm. Brick walls, wood accents, minimalistic look is dominating the whole scene when doing up your bedroom. Headboards can be nifty and gorgeous in bright colors, shades of sky blue, orange, yellow are in! 2. Duo-tone kitchen cabinets Minimalism is being embraced with open arms and there…

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