2 bedroom apartments in B.T. Road

Best Selling Homes in North Kolkata 2017

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Kolkata (Calcutta) was the capital of British India and kept the English hooked to its beauty for a very long time. But, that was 1772 to 1911. The city has gone through several ups and downs, and has also been regarded as mediocre in comparison to the other metropolitan cities, such as Mumbai, Bangalore and Chennai. However, Kolkata is a city that has not learnt to give up. Today, if you look around you, you can visualize the transformation of the city. From a quiet place where tourists would only come to relax, the city is emerging as one of the most happening party spots while maintaining its tranquil nature. The city is also home to some of the biggest and best-selling residential properties. Every other property developer is interested in a piece of this fantastic city. But, among all of those residential projects that have made headlines in 2017, there is one that stands out – StarOm Millennia. StarOm Millennia by the StarOm Realty group of property developers does not stand out because of its number of towers or even the location, but because of its ability to seamlessly integrate luxury into affordability. There is absolutely nothing about this…

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Vastu Guideline for the Prayer Room in Your Home

Vastu Guideline for the Prayer Room in Your Home

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The room where family’s deities and idols are kept exclusively for worship, meditation. Carefully design  the temple as the same will ensure positive energy and good luck. According to vastu, the temple in your home must be designed in any one of the following ways: It must be situated in the north, east or north-east of the house. It must have windows and doors in the east or north. In case you have a large home, such as maybe a spacious 3BHK apartment in StarOm Millenia, you can create a temple using our tips in it. If you want to save space and do not want to have a separate room for worshiping, the deities can be placed in the north-east corner of the house. The opulent residential property, StarOm Millenia, provides spacious apartments with all the desirable living amenities and facilities. The apartments are designed as per Vastu, but you can always customize the interiors according to your preferences. Just keep in mind the above-mentioned guidelines when designing and setting up the temple or place of worship.

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Community Hall

Community Hall is Vital in every Residential Complex

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High-rise residential buildings are developed to provide homes to a few hundred people. This brings people, from varied backgrounds, religion and culture, together. In a place like Kolkata, it is quite obvious to find Hindus, Muslims, Gujaratis, Sindhis and people from different communities, harmoniously living alongside. As such, modern community halls have become ubiquitous to the architecture of any residential project. The presence of a multi-facility community hall has risen to a newfound level of importance and some of the reasons for such an upward trend are: A place to bond – It so happens that life is hectic and people barely have time to socialize. A community hall right in the premise of where you stay, will give you more reasons to bond with the other residents of the complex. The situations are favorable for making new friends/neighbors. A place for children to play – Children no longer have to travel places to engage in activities. Any one of the residents can take charge of organizing fun activities for the children. Parents, too, do not have to be worried because the children are only round the corner. A place for hosting social functions – For people living in a high-end complex, such…

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North Kolkata – the Next Big Property Investment Destination

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Kolkata is witnessing rapid developments and B.T. Road, North Kolkata is one of those areas reaping benefits of development. In the wake of the expansion of metros in the city in the north-south corridor, people residing in B.T. Road will no longer take hours to reach their workplace. Escalating transport and communication network has paved the way for real estate developers to think about building residential properties in areas such as BT Road. Lavish and sprawling homes have mushroomed in North Kolkata. StarOm Millenia’s high-rise residential project in B.T. Road, North Kolkata being a striking example. The 2 and 3 BHK flats offered by StarOm developers are extremely affordable, developed with earthquake-proof building materials and equipped with all the modern facilities and living amenities. With such comfortable and elegant living options coming up in North Kolkata, it is certainly the most opportune time to invest in this area. Under such circumstances, all classes of people in the society can make their dream of owning a beautiful home, a reality. Invest in StarOm Millenia and live the high-life that you have been yearning for.

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modern kitchen

Essential Tips to Create a Modern Kitchen

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The trend in kitchen design is changing quite rapidly. The kitchen being the heart of any home, it is important to redecorate it to keep up with the changing needs. If you want to add the oh-so-modern touch to your kitchen space, follow the given suggestions. Colors – A fresh coat of color can make a big difference to any space. Contemporary kitchens are all about soothing neutrals or bright contrasting shades. Such lively colors really makes the cooking space come alive and enthuse one to doll out delicious dishes. Create built-in spaces for appliances – Let your countertop breathe! Design separate built-in spaces for your electrical appliances, such as coffee maker, microwave and so on. Glass-fronted cabinets – You do not need to convert all the cabinets into glass-fronted ones. But, even if you add a couple of cabinets with plain glass or colored glass shutters, it will add a light contemporary look to the overall kitchen decor. Open kitchen – If you want to create a modern, space-saving kitchen, you may consider an open kitchen. Not only does it save a lot of space, but it allows the person cooking to chat and cook, at the same time….

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2 and 3 bhk Flat near Baranagar Metro

Baranagar – One of the Major Industrial Centers in North Kolkata

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Baranagar is a municipality in Kolkata, West Bengal. It is the place where the prestigious institution Indian Statistical Institute stands, which is dedicated to teaching, research and use of social sciences, statistics and natural sciences. Baranagar has many cotton-processing companies and it is also a big industrial center for the production of industrial and agricultural machinery, matches, chemicals and castor oil. The Baranagar – Metro line is a proposed metro network that will see Baranagar being connected with the Noapara Metro station through a new metro railway route. At present, work on the project is ongoing and the project is likely to finish by the end of 2017. StarOm Millenia –The Residential Project Standing out The StarOm Realty Group presents a residential project named StarOm Millenia, which is located only 900 ms away from the proposed Baranagar – Metro rote. It is located on B.T. Road Kolkata. The project has all the modern facilities and amenities located close to it, from prestigious schools, hospitals, ATMs, banks and colleges. Living close to the proposed Metro railway allows access to the entire city with short travel time. All these factors prove why a flat at StarOm Millenia can be a dream property….

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Residential Apartment In B.T Road

4 Integral Aspects to buy the Best Residential Apartment

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With a plethora of residential project plans materializing in and around Kolkata, potential property buyers in the state of Bengal are finding themselves spoilt with options to choose from. However, when it comes to determining suitability of the residential apartments with your tastes and requirements, you must refer to these 4 integral aspects that are directly relevant in adding worth to your choice… Architecture  Modern, eye-catching architecture and layout of the plan is the first aspect that catches your attention. It is always the desire of prospective home owners to live in residential complexes that look grand and classy. A number of projects in BT Road that are still in the making can be mentioned as an example in this respect.  Floor plans and space management  It does not really matter if the carpet area you can afford is no more than 750 sq. ft. With skilful floor plans and space management efforts in the part of the builders, you can maximize your living area to include 2 spacious bedrooms, an open kitchen, a drawing + dining and bathrooms. Owners of 3 bedroom flat in BT Road are already experiencing the benefits. Common areas More often than not, common areas…

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Modern Home Architecture & Decor Trends

Modern Home Architecture & Decor Trends Of 2016: A Brief !

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Your home is your personal abode. It must reflect your aesthetic sense in the way you exercise the decking up options. Modern day homes are all about how you let space and functionality marry each other by including the best furniture items and set up your home decor in an eye-grabbing way. Checking out some modern home architecture trends that will hook guests’ attention and make them come up with a ‘wow.’ If you are investing/have invested in one of the best flats in North Kolkata, booking/booked a 2BHK flat in B.T. Road or a 3 bedroom flat in B.T. Road, check out the top 6 ways to make your flat look stunning! 1. Your bedroom : A reflection of privacy and superior comfort The Scandinavian-inspired designs, bed frames, accessories are the top choices now. While shades of gray and white are the preferred hues, letting natural light come in is the new norm. Brick walls, wood accents, minimalistic look is dominating the whole scene when doing up your bedroom. Headboards can be nifty and gorgeous in bright colors, shades of sky blue, orange, yellow are in! 2. Duo-tone kitchen cabinets Minimalism is being embraced with open arms and there…

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