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The Colors of Your Walls Leave an Impact on Your Mood. How?

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They say, ‘life is like a box of colorful crayons’, and most rightly so. Without the pop of bright hues in it, life will become bleak and monotonous. Every hue has its own charm and the ability to evoke different psychological emotions such as love, joy, anger, gloom, etc. Perhaps this is the reason why the experts recommend that we should toy with the bright and peppy hues, thereby wrapping our lives in loads of buoyancy and euphoria. This makes imperative for us to pick the right hues for our habitats, which would bring out the best of our moods. Are you planning to paint the walls of your flats in BT Road? You must invest ample time in narrowing down to the right color palettes for your abode. But before digging out a few color options for your abode, we would like to give you a rough idea of the psychological effects of colors – Do Colors have any Psychological Effect? While the pre-conceived perceptions of color are a tad subjective, there are some color effects that have their own universal significance. For example, hues in the Red zone of the color spectrum are considered warm shades. This spectrum includes hues…

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