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Four Ways To Add Feng Shui To Your Kitchen Design

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The art of feng shui is essentially about welcoming good energy to your humble abode and life. We can all use a bit of positive energy in our lives. As per experts, feng shui is most important for three spaces, kitchen, bathroom and bedroom. Several residential projects in Kolkata are coming up in various parts of the city. Below are few tips which can come handy if you decide to live in any of these properties. No broken objects: To get a good dose of Chi energy, you will have to make sure that things broken get repaired immediately. You need to replace chipped bowls and sharpen your knives. Identify the significance of your stove: In Feng shui, the stove is the symbol of wealth, so you need to treat it with respect. You need to clean it regularly and use all the burners to attain positive energy in your life. Remove unnecessary clutter: Feng Shui suggests that you should keep things which are essential for your kitchen and not what you love. Remove unnecessary clutter from drawers and cabinets and considering doing away with things you seldom utilize. Positive artwork: You can add some artwork of positivity and good health…

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