Top 5 Gadgets for a Modern Home

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Command by voice, thermostat and connected devices are making modern living a bliss. Bygone are the days when one had to walk over to the wall to switch on a light. Today, you have security cameras bespeak modern innovation with features like facial recognition and two-way communication, heck you even have the watering device to take care of your precious plants. There’s no saying “No” to the fact that life today is governed by smartphones and apps. Speaking on the same note, we have witnessed how tech giants have thrown in a  plethora of gadgets to make your living space the finest. Here’s a list of five such smart gadgets which can transform your living abode to a whole new level altogether.   Amazon Alexa /Google Home Amazon’s award-winning semi AI controlled speaker, now in its second generation as we speak with the capabilities of a digital assistant. One can search the web, play music, create to-do lists, ask for a weather update and much more. All this, when you still have your smartphone in your pocket. Another great option is Google home that has designed its speaker to be context-aware, so tḫat it easily facilitates a two-way conversation compared…

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