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7 Decorating Ideas for Kids’ rooms

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Are you looking for ideas to revamp your child’s room in your 3 BHK flat in B.T. Road?  Make your kids’ room into a playful, creative zone by adding interesting elements like posters, printed lampshades, multi-layered bookshelves, a bean bag and many more quirky objects. Here are 7 great ways by which you can dramatize your kids’ room in your 3 bedroom flat in Kolkata. Kids usually tend to throw things here and there and create a mess. So, to help them keep their things in an organized fashion make their closets in such a height from which can easily access it. Place benches, coat racks, and storage units in a low height in your kids’ room.   Make your child’s’ room look more artistic by creating a continuous panel for artwork and paint the wall below it with chalkboard paint. Choose a vibrant color and give your child the freedom to make designs and drawings on the wall without the fear of repainting it.   Get your kids excited about turning their lights off at night by installing glow in the dark stickers on the ceiling of their room. You can also opt for glow in the dark paints…

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