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Embrace Natural Wood Design in your Home Décor

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In your best 3 BHK flat in B. T Road, North Kolkata, you can decorate your kitchen and living room, floor, and ceiling with the touch of natural wood. You will hardly find any house that is not embellished with wooden things. Things made up of wooden or which have a wooden finish are long-lasting and tenable. You can add wood to your home’s interior in varied ways. The amalgamation of different woods You can adorn your best 3bhk flat in B. T Road, North Kolkata, with different types of woods to create the look differently paint the wooden things with different colors. Your ceiling and floor can have a wooden finish which will brighten up the rooms of your flat. If you adorn your dining area with a big wooden table and the wall cabinets also consist of wood, it will give your house a rustic environment. Add wood to the furniture in your house It will be a great idea to include wood in your furniture items in your flat. The main reason behind this is wood is sustainable in nature. Wood is also water-resistant. In houses, it is always the best decision to make wooden cupboards. You…

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Tips Behind Creating a Pet-Friendly Environment at Your Home

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Once you purchase a luxury home in Kolkata, the next thing that will come to your mind is equipping it in the best way possible. In this internet era, it’s not hard to find a premium apartment. Just google ‘top flat near me,’ and you get the ready list. If you have pets at home, you need to create a pet-friendly environment for them. Your house should be safe and cozy enough for your goofy inhabitant. Below are a few tips to make your house pet-friendly. Avoiding Rugs and Carpets Make sure your BT Road project has easy to clean textured tiles or hardwood floors. But, avoid furnishing your floor with carpets and rugs when you have a dog or a cat in the house. It can accumulate bacteria and hair. Storing Fragile and Precious Items are Necessary When you own a two-bedroom apartment, your pets get enough space to wander around. You better store fragile items higher to avoid sniffing chemicals or breaking any glasses. Keep the medication out of reach from the pets in the house. Avoiding Open Wires The luxury homes in Kolkata come with concealed wiring. You must get cable protectors for the safety of your…

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Modernize Your Home within Your Budget

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Even though it’s common knowledge that remodelling and beautifying premium apartment in Kolkata is expensive, this need not be the case. If you’re looking to spruce up your house but are on a tight budget, several simple, low-cost modifications can transform any property. Find out how to modernize your home on a budget with our best recommendations below! The First Impression is Crucial! Windows and doors that seem shabby may drastically age a house. If your budget allows, replace it with oak or steel frames in the on-trend Crittall design. If that’s out of your price range, painting the walls in a more modern tone like soft grey or pastel duck egg greens and blues can instantly add visual appeal – choose for current but traditional colors like these. Using a pressure washer to clean the outside of your home is an excellent method to get rid of grime in your premium apartment in Kolkata. Also, they may be used to clean driveways or patios, making it an easy way to modernize your property. It’s Time for a Kitchen Makeover! The kitchen is often the focal point of a house, but a new one may cost several thousand pounds. As…

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Tips to Turn Your Home Into a Staycation Destination

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If you ask yourself, why do you live, learn, earn and do all, probably will you have two answers. The first one is for necessity, and the other one is because of your passion and love. Thus, it means either you enjoy, or you relax. Or you get peace out of that. Now whether it’s for your survival or about your peace, you consider your home, which can’t be better than a new complex in north Kolkata. In this modern era, we have a lot of options to explore. We gather knowledge, visit & know about new places with virtual travel like YouTube, live streaming, travel blog, vlog, magazine & books. But there is no parallel of traveling itself. But for all the time, traveling doesn’t get possible either for money or because of time. However, nowadays, traveling is restricted because it’s pandemic. So, in this situation, if you want a change, try something new. Staycation is a new yet impactful concept in the contemporary world. The best way to relax, enjoy and live all at once. And you are going to get the ultimate social & environmental experience in a new flat in North Kolkata. Here are some tips…

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4 Tips to Install a Chandelier in Your Luxury Home

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Your new project in North Kolkata will definitely receive the highest accolades if you decked up the luxury home with a sophisticated chandelier. This chandelier can be regarded as an elegant element in creating a signature style of interior decoration. You can keep this style statement in any room in your house, like the living room, dining room, or even in the kitchen area. However, keep these items at any place. It undoubtedly will dazzle the ambiance of your spaces and mood. We will try to put forth some essential points on installing a chandelier in your home. Various types of chandeliers are available in the market. You will have to select them as per your requirements in your luxury home. We will see traditional ones like crystal chandeliers from the old times. Stairwell chandeliers are perfect for the shaft of your staircases. The lighting grid will try to establish a trendy and youthful look. Things to Do Before Purchasing a Chandelier Before purchasing, just go through the types at any renowned shop to omit any difficulty. It is recommended to look for the colors of the wall where you want to fit it. The chandelier also influences in choosing…

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Tips to Decorate Your Apartment to Give Yourself a Comfortable Home

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The word, home is only a cluster of four walls until it receives a sense of comfort and peace. You can create your peaceful abode by using a few decoration tips. If you own a flat in North Kolkata, you already have an airy and well-lit space. Now it’s time to add some beauty with wall paints and decors. Here are a few decoration tips which can give you a sense of warmth and happiness – a) Add Some Neutral Shades: While decorating new flats in north Kolkata, you need to work on the neutral shades, at least in the beginning. To add softness and soothing aura, you can paint the walls with white color. You may also use similar color shades like off-white, cream for the purpose. This can relieve your stress. You can also choose the light shades of pastel colors as per your choice. To add a sense of aristocracy, you can add some gold detailing or decorations to them. For example, adding some yellow color or gold curtains which can bring some warmth. b) Bring A Splash of Colors: Though the light color gives a sense of comfort, it can be monotonous as well. To break…

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A Pet Friendly Atmosphere in Your Apartment

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Pets are the best companion for any person. Even pets work as the best therapy to overcome any mental stress. But owning a pet is not that easy. You know why because this is a job of great responsibility and commitment. For a careless person, it is very difficult to do this job with pleasure. Top of all, the owner also needs to prove that the home is secured and comfortable for pets. Even though we all know that the pet can just turn your home just upside-down, but nevertheless, they are just the best supporter at the end of the day. After purchasing an apartment in the best complex in north Kolkata, we bought our pet here. The 2 BHK Flats in B.T. Road, North Kolkata is so cozy that our pet becomes very comfortable in its own way. We have made the ambiance in our apartment in such a manner that our pet is now unwilling to move out regularly. Let us share how to create a pet-friendly atmosphere in your apartment: A strict no to all kinds of rugs:  Commonly, we all use rugs on the floor for decorating our apartment. But if you want to make your home, pet-friendly, then…

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Top 5 Key Amenities that You Should Look For in New Apartments in North Kolkata

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Are you looking for a brand new apartment in North Kolkata? If so you can try & check out the new residential complex in B.T Road. The sprawling property offers a lot of amenities & that too at an affordable cost. Here in this article, we will discuss mainly a few key amenities that are being offered by 2 BHK apartments in north Kolkata. Read it on to learn more. 1. Kids Play area of play zone- With every passing day, greeneries are being chopped off and individuals are facing the heat. Kids are the ones always at the receiving end. Their playing areas are being taken away and they are getting bereft from physical activities. To compensate for this loss we supposed to cater for you one of the best 2 BHK Flat In North Kolkata have taken up the initiative of creating innovative playing areas. The green pastures that we have designed are ideal for kids to get indulge in the game of cricket & soccer as well indoor game facilities are there. If you are booking an apartment with us, be assured of getting superlative facilities. 2. AC Community Hall- During an event or any festivals, the…

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How to Convert a Room of Your Apartment into Your Home Office?

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With the COVID crisis going on in full swing, more people are working from home. As if this situation isn’t challenging enough for everyone personally and economically, working from home has its challenges, especially if there isn’t a dedicated home office space. It is highly essential to have a dedicated office space so that you can work safely from your 2 BHK flat in North Kolkata. If you live in a small apartment, you might want to find a nook to set up an office space because not having one reduces productivity. It makes you less interested in work and increases stress. 1. The most important thing about a work-from-home station is its location. Finding the perfect place in the living room to create your workspace can be pretty challenging. Since there are several things to consider. For example, proper lighting and the overall aesthetic of the room. 2. The best place to set up an office would be a living room of your 2 bedroom apartment in B.T. Road. It is familiar but also has space to set up an office. If you can secure a nook in your living room to set up office space, it will help…

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Painting Options for Your New 2 BHK Flat: A Detailed Study

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In India we are in love with colours, aren’t we? Our 2 BHK flats in North Kolkata are a testimony to that & for good reason too. Because what colour can do to space, nothing else can. Brand new wall paints colours along with a fresh coat, or even home colour design have the tenacity to infuse life into our vibrant space but it also affects our mood. Whether you are moving into a brand new apartment or renovating the current abode, painting becomes a key priority. However, it is also very important that you make yourself aware of the respective knowhow of how painting domain and how to extract in quantum from the hired painter.  We will discuss how to pick up the best combination for the walls in your living room. Read it on & learn more. 1. Firstly Decorating Is The Key– In case if your house is new take inspiration from the already existing decor for gaining inspiration. Secondly, you can check out the internet to gather some inspiration. If you can take some time and research some instrumental; sites on the home decor you are supposed to gather as much information as you can. If…

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