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Why Should Modern Residential Projects in Kolkata be Eco-Friendly?

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Many large-scaled private residential projects have been delayed for environmental matters in the country. Though these residential plans are understood to be supporting the eco-friendly designs as per the directions of the government, many times, there is a hollow between the management and right strategy implementation. The residential plans and designs appear to refrain from the point when they go opposite the environment.   With population, growth in the nation, the development of new residential projects in Kolkata and other metro cities is a common view.  Particularly when the town is growing and urbanization is rapidly shaping. Development should never collide or go against the environment, then why all of them does not take the appropriate steps so that they don’t hamper the environment? Develop Infrastructure Without Hampering the Environment India is a developing nation and the majority of the projects are directed towards the advancement of the nation.  However, the state has also drafted strategies following the security and protection of nature. At present, the government is taking stringent steps against projects that do not follow the rules for environment maintenance. Most plans are engaged, only after the following of a comprehensive analysis of different parameters like economic viability, neighborhood,…

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