Tips Behind Using Gold Accents in Your Home Interior

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Every luxury homeowner has this dream of decorating their lush bungalows and flats with the most alluring interior decoration. Especially in the contemporary world, it has become quite normal for interior decorators to decorate luxury homes with the most exclusive display of art, furniture, and more.

Luxury homes in Kolkata are also being decked up in ways that are bound to make anyone jealous.

Today, in-home décor, gold has suddenly become the color of choice for every interior designer and their clients who want their houses to be decorated most luxuriously. The gold color already exudes a hint of abundance. Thus, if it is integrated with luxury homes aptly, it can enhance the beauty even more.

After you buy flats in Kolkata within 40 Lakhs, you will definitely want an interior decorator to give the apt finishing touches to your humble abode, and adding a hint of gold here and there will only amplify its already beautiful features. But gold is a very tricky color. So be really careful regarding where to exactly put it. Otherwise, it can turn into a design disaster, so here are some of the ways you can incorporate gold interiors in your home decor:

Tips Behind Using Gold Accents in Your Home Decor

  1. A room will instantly be more luxurious if you use a golden vase for your plants or flowers and put it on the center table of your living room.
  2. Using golden color curtains or drapes in a room painted a light beige or white will also make the rooms worthwhile to envision.
  3. Go with golden lights when you add them to your luxury homes in Kolkata. Put some LED golden lights in the ceiling and see how instantly your living or dining room looks like a 5-star hotel.
  4. Moreover, if you want to revamp the dining room of your luxury home in Kolkata, the best thing you can do is add a majestic golden chandelier on top of your dining table. This will make you and your guests feel like you are really in the presence of luxury.
  5. You should add gold to your luxury home in Kolkata by hanging or decorating your balcony with golden fairy lights. This may not ideally be a part of your home interior, but it can surely give a different look altogether.
  6. You can also replace your boring door knobs with golden ones to further make them even more contemporary and modern
  7. Golden color rugs in the drawing-room is also one of the significant ways the gold color can be added to your luxury homes in Kolkata

Where to Find Such Luxury Homes in Kolkata?

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