Tips for Pre Puja Decoration of Your New Apartment

Durga Pujo is not only a celebration. It is an emotion. Pujo in Kolkata is considered to be the biggest celebration of the year. People, irrespective of their age, take part in the festivities to the fullest. Right from buying new clothes to giving a makeover to the apartments, all seems to be a tradition an essential part of pujo preparation.

Some Beneficial Pre Pujo Decor Tips

Make your luxury apartments in Kolkata pujo ready with these easy to follow pre pujo decor tips:

Beautify the Entrance

Impress your guests with a warm traditional décor right at the entrance. Flowers bring out the festive vibe in the best way possible. One can make a flower rangoli, decorate the door with flower garland or even experiment with floating candles and flowers in a pot full of water.

Wall Colour

The easiest way to give your apartment a new look is by painting. Nothing sets the mood for pujo like vibrant colors. One can go for a contrast using a bright color for one wall and pale for others. Compared to a whole-house renovation, this method will also be easier on the pocket. One can also go for repainting only the pujo space as during the pujo season.

Use Art

Indian art forms like rangoli, mandala, wall murals, etc., very aptly reflect the essence of festivals with bright colors, beautiful patterns, and textures. Try wall paintings, murals with motifs like lotus, images of goddess Durga, etc., for a perfect pujo ready décor.

Deep Cleaning the House

Pujo is the best excuse to declutter the home. In today’s rat race, we hardly make out time for ourselves. Let alone time for cleaning the house. This pujo, give your house a long due deep clean. A neat and clean apartment is no less attractive than a well-decorated one.

Reshuffling Furniture

There is no doubt that renovation is an expensive affair. Moreover, not having enough space for new decorative items is another challenge. Consider reshuffling the existing furniture of your home for the best pre pujo renovation effect. Changing the furniture’s position once in a while breathes fresh air into your residence, bringing a much-needed change.


Add festive charm to flats in Kolkata with the help of some necessary accessories like earthen pots, candles, lanterns, etc. These decorative tools are small and subtle but are ideal for setting the mood for the festival. If one is willing to walk the extra mile, they may even consider painting the earthen pots by hand, decorate the lantern, etc. Even a new bed sheet, some matching curtains can do the trick.

Durga pujo is an auspicious occasion when the whole city lights up and gets ready to groove with the festive energy. The flats in North Kolkata are airy and spacious, enabling people to experiment with its décor. Try out the DIY techniques and gear up for the festive season!

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