Tips to Help You with Water Conservation

Water Conservation

Water conservation can also help you to conserve energy and make the Earth a better place to live in. At the water treatment plants, plenty of energy is needed to get dirty water out from sewers and transform it into clean water that is fit for drinking and basic usage. You can use some basic water conservation techniques at home to conserve both water and energy.

Insulate water pipes beneath the sink

You can wrap the white pipes under the sink with fiber glass insulation and keep them well-insulated. Wear a mask on the nose and wear gloves on the hand while wrapping. Otherwise, the fiber glass will enter your lungs and skin.

Spot any leaks in your toilet

Check whether there are any leaks in your toilet. It is very easy to do this. Just add some food coloring into your toilet tank and keep waiting for around half an hour. In case the water in your toilet bowl changes its colors, there is possibly a leak in your toilet.

Check whether there are aerators

Ensure that the faucets in your bathroom and kitchen consist of aerators. These devices add air to water flowing out of the faucet and assists in reducing the amount of water flowing through faucets as well as retaining the faucets’ rinsing power.

Keep a water-filled bottle in the toilet tank

This will help you to reduce the amount of water which flows down the toilet every time you flush. Around 5 gallons of water can be contained in older tanks and you spend that much water while flushing. You can do with just 3 gallons of water to flush your toilet properly.

Use a dish washer frequently

Do this whenever you can, and it will actually help save you a lot of water than when you wash dishes only with hand.

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