Tips to Hang the Perfect Curtains per your Window Designs

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In your 3 BHK flat in BT road, you must go for curtains that suit the designs of your windows. If you have bought a high-rise apartment in Kolkata, you must be well aware of the necessity of curtains. At first, you must measure your windows’ breadth and width to hang appropriate curtains. The measurement of the curtain panels must be two times the width of the windows. Curtains help prevent the entry of direct harmful rays of Sun in your 3 bhk flat in BT road. Moreover, your room has the correct amount of sunlight.

Select the Proper Curtain Length

It does not look good if the curtain is smaller than the size of the windows. Moreover, the ceilings look lower and the room smaller if the curtain is smaller in size. In your 3 BHK flat in BT road, don’t worry much if the curtain trails on the floor. It does not seem presentable. So, in your high-rise apartment in Kolkata, the curtain must float just above the floor. You must measure the curtain length should be 4 to 6 inches above the window frame. Curtains come in generally 63-, 84- and 96-inches length.

Decide the Height of the Curtain Rods!

It is essential to scale up curtain rods in the apt position. Otherwise, the curtain will not hang up properly. You must measure the window frame to determine the perfect size of curtain brackets. First of all, arrange a pencil and tape measure to mark the proper location of your curtain brackets. So, the rod is about 4 to 6 inches above your window structure, ensuring that the curtain floats just above the floor. The curtain brackets must be placed about 6 inches from the outside fringe of the window fixture to permit the appropriate amount of light to enter the room.

Curtains Must Go with the Walls of Your Room!

You can select the fabric of the curtain according to your room’s shades. In this way, you will enhance the beauty and décor of the room as well as your windows will end up in splendid beautification.

Choose Roman Shade for Your Windows!

If you are not interested in hanging floor-to-ceiling curtains, you can opt for roman shades type of curtains where the fabric enveloping the windows can be raised or lowered with the support of a cord system, and rings are stitched on the fabric’s back.

The fabric piles up uniformly in horizontal folds while you raise the roman curtain. Roman curtain is beneficial if you have windows above the kitchen sink. Or maybe above a bathroom counter or bathtub. This type of curtain ameliorates the décor of the room.

You can fabricate your room with a patterned curtain to enhance the beauty of your room in 3 BHK flat on BT road. Moreover, in your best high-rise apartment in Kolkata, you must choose your window curtain according to the design of your windows.

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