Tips to Hide Your Trash Cans in Style and a More Innovative Way

Once you buy the premium apartments in Kolkata, the next thing you should be careful about is keeping them tidy and well maintained. A used and open trash can generate a foul smell. More so, trash cans lying here and there are not a good sight to behold. So, hiding them is a necessary endeavor. Go for a little bit of installation and assembly, and be prepared for a small DIY.

Below are some ideas to hide and conceal trash cans in unique and creative ways. Try them in your best residential complex in Kolkata for the best results.

Use Under-Counter Trash Slide Out with Recycle Bin

The trash pull-out makes it easy to get a durable solution to trash storage. Use a few screws to mount it to the cabinet floor. It has a regular and recycling single bin version as well.

Interior Cabinet Pull Out Trash Cans

The pull-out trash products can be a worthwhile addition to your kitchen if it has interior cabinet space. Use slide-out trash storage products as a complete unit.

Tilt-Out Trash Can Cabinets

You may use a tilt-out trash can cabinet, which you can use as a side table or extra counter. You can choose a color-coordinated one to match your kitchen’s exterior design. It could be the best access to your hidden waste bin, and you gain more counter space in smaller spaces.

Cabinet Door Hanging Trash Can Storage

Although small in size, a kitchen drawer hanging bin works well under the counter. It is big enough to throw lots away quickly and easily. You do not want it to be there on the door? Mount it to the inside of the cabinet or wall with a bracket. There is a removable plastic bucket.

Mobile Kitchen Trash Can with Gliding Wheels

Trash cans can be moved around the kitchen and hidden within a pantry or laundry room. The stainless steel can’t have removable wheels with locking features. It has an over-the-top touchless operation.

Under Sink Pivot-Out Trash Can

A pivot is a unique product. You can use it in both the kitchen and the vanity cabinets of your premium apartments in Kolkata.

However, while installing, you must be aware of any garbage disposal or plumbing pipes that may interfere. The pivot-out waste containers need to rotate back into the cabinet.

Dual-Bin Under Sink Trash Can Pull Out

Use the handy trash can when you want multiple compartments for taking around the house. There are two different size quart bins available.

The dual bins have an integrated handle pull, lids, and soft closing slides. The product is outstanding for under-sink trash. You can install them in your kitchen easily with four screws.

Once you invest in one of the best residential complexes in Kolkata, it’s your responsibility to ensure that it looks the best and most exclusive. But that does not mean you always have to spend bucks. You can do that with pretty simple and even with leftover stuffs too!

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