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Post COVID 19, Real Estate Problems

A clean home is a healthy home. With many families now purchasing their dream homes in best residential complexes, maintaining the shine of a new home is no easy task. People clean it daily, some bi-weekly. Festive cleaning sprees can also become a fun family bonding activity if one so wishes!

Indian households place extra emphasis on daily cleaning, some even swapping the floor twice a day. While dust on walls are traditionally considered harbingers of bad luck, home cleaning has taken an all new meaning and importance with the CoVid-19 pandemic surrounding us for the SARS-CoV-2 virus has the potential to live rent-free at your 2 BHK flats in Kolkata for days! Now that’s an unwelcome guest!

Eliminate all possibilities of a disease-inducing community thriving by cleaning your home and its surfaces with disinfectants thoroughly.



The Kitchen:

A way to one’s heart is through the stomach, which makes keeping the kitchen virus/bacteria free very important.

1. Clean all surfaces with disinfectant cleaner regularly. In a study conducted this year, this coronavirus can live on stainless steel for 48 hours, card board for 24 hours, copper for eight hours and on plastic for three days!
2. Wash/ sanitize your hand before entering the kitchen
3. Thoroughly wash all grocery items before setting them away in cupboards or the fridge.
4. Wash utensils thoroughly when doing the dishes.
5. Keep an eye on the cleaning sponge. If it looks too dirty or mouldy, it’s best if you dispose it for it might be carrying thousands of germs and food pathogens. Dry it out after every use.
6. If you’re chopping meat on a cutting board, wash it thoroughly after use.
7. Dispose all left over food into an airtight bin.
8. If possible, wash your utensils immediately after use and don’t leave it overnight. Cover all food at all times with a lid.


The Bedroom:

At the end of a day, it’s where we retire for some well needed rest. Sharing it with your partner is welcome, however don’t share it with dust mites and bed bugs!

Keep your bedroom clean by:

1. Changing your bed sheet and pillow cases regularly
2. Sweeping the floor with a strong disinfectant cleaner every day. Don’t overlook dusting your bed and covers every morning too.
3. Breakfast in bed and a midnight meal might sound tempting, however refrain from it as much a possible to prevent spread of germs via food particles.
4. Dust and disinfect all surfaces every day, especially table tops and door knobs.

The Bathroom:

An attached bathroom is certainly a luxury; but it means that diseases left unchecked are closer to you.

1. Keep the toilet bowl and seat clean, and don’t overlook the flush! Like we’ve mentioned earlier, the CoVid-19 can stay on steel and plastic surfaces. Cleaning bathroom surfaces regularly with disinfectants is a smart and healthy thing to do.
2. Prevent mould from forming by ensuring surfaces are dry after a shower. Leave the fan on for a while or open the window to air out the surfaces.
3. Remove all soiled tissues and soiled pads every day.

This said and done, don’t forget to switch off the AC and air-out your rooms every single day. It would be smart to place your pillows under the sun for a couple of hours each day too.

We’ve worked long and hard to build the ideal homes for ourselves. While we take a lot of present-day lifestyle for granted, being safe is better than being sorry.

Taking a few more precautionary steps make your home an ideal haven to repose.

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