Tips to Make your Kitchen look Modern!

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We spend huge amount of money to make our home look beautiful and modern and often we end up ignoring our kitchen space where we spend a lot of time preparing meals for the family. The kitchen can be the most expensive space in your home to modernize. From appliances to counter tops to decor, every detail needs attention. But owing to the cost rocketing factor do not step back in modernizing your kitchen. If you are planning to live for generations to come in your new flat in North Kolkata then these ideas can help you transform your kitchen into the cooking space of your dreams.

Let us give a quick look at the points given below:

1. Replace hardware with the stylish ones

Replacing hardware can enhance the look of your kitchen. Try out the metal pulls that gives your kitchen a royal touch. You can also replace the taps of your sinks with modern ones. Replace the drawer and cabinet pulls for a new and a unique look that will instantly upgrade and modernize your kitchen.

2. Replace old lights with the modern ones –

This is one of the easiest change you can try in your kitchen. Chandeliers and pendants are the perfect accessory to not only brighten up your kitchen but also changes the mood of the space. Try to enhance your kitchen space with unique & modern hanging lights and create a magic in your kitchen space.

3. Introduce artwork in your kitchen –

Artwork is an excellent way to elevate the beauty of any space. Try out adding modern, big, bold and abstract pieces of art work for your kitchen. It will definitely give a touch of modernity coupled with soberness.

4. Hide away small appliances –

Clutter always is a sign of congestion and undone spaces. It sometimes even makes the rooms or spaces look small. So in your kitchen always try to keep away the small appliances like toaster, blenders and pots in a separate counter made for them. Do not keep them on countertops or tables. They occupy space and make the kitchen look congested.

5. Modernize your countertops –

Nowadays new residential complex in North Kolkata generally come up with a semi-furnished kitchen i.e. they provide kitchen furnished with tiles marbles on the walls and counter tops respectively. But still if your kitchen does not have that you can add stylish and superbly finished marbles and granite for your table tops and countertops.

6. Introduce a sitting area –

Today‘s modern kitchen embraces modernity by adding seating area to its space. Irrespective of your choice of counter tops, stools, bench or window side tables or even center tables, seating area can completely transform your kitchen. Busy families with children doing homework’s to parents entertaining friends while cooking makes seating area a must for your modern kitchen.

You must have heard of the very common fact that kitchen is the most used room in the house. Therefore never compromise with the renovation of your kitchen. It stands to the reason that if you spend the most time in one room, you should actually design it in such a way that it is adored by everyone.

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