Top 5 Easy and Out-of-The-Box Kids Room Decor Ideas

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Decorating your kid’s bedroom can be very challenging if they are very specific with some themes. Often children are very specific about the colours, themes and accessories. So you must be able to please them with your creativity in order to make them feel happy in their room. Here are some simple and easy exceptional kid’s room decor ideas that will transform their room without turning into a full redo.

1. Create magic on walls with wallpapers and paints –

This is one of the easiest ways to transform your kid’s room in 3bhk flat in B.T Road, North Kolkata as per their choice and demand. The kids have a long list of their favourite cartoon characters, fairies, and many more designs. You can customize their walls as per their choice.  Try out using different shapes, colours on to the walls. You can even go by your kid’s favourite colour to be painted on the walls. Make sure you use bright colours in your kid’s rooms.

2. Impart a theme to the room –

The choices of children are very unpredictable, in order to beat that you can give your kid’s room a theme as per their choice. It can be anything ranging from a jungle theme, ocean theme, animated theme, garden theme, fairy theme etc. Themes often make the rooms look bigger and fascinating.

3. Divide the room into sections –

If you have purchased a new flat in North Kolkata and are planning to give your kid’s room a multi-accessing place, then the best way to do that is divide your kid’s into smaller sections. Make sure you add a play section, a study desk, and most importantly try to engrave a small place for your kid’s achievement and creativity. Put up there best piece of art done by them or their prizes. This will give a complete look to the room.

4. Put up a painted and organized closet –

Managing your kid’s closet can be a heavy task for you to do. Try to train your kids in being self-organized. Divide your kid’s closet into various sections. Try to put a label on each of the section of their belongings, so that even in your absence they do not mess up with closet. This will enable them to find their belongings with very much ease. You can also get the closet painted or add stickers of your kid’s choice in order to make the room more kid friendly.

5. Decorate the bed with colourful pillows and animated bed sheets-

If you want to make your kid’s room  appear the best  among your other rooms in your 3 bedroom apartment in B.T Road, one of the easiest ways you can opt is by bringing in colourful and kid friendly bed sheets and pillows and cushions of different shapes and sizes. Choose the bed sheets or pillows as per their likes and choice. In fact take them along with you when you buy these stuffs, they will ease you from the burden of selection. This idea works the best in transforming your kid’s room.

So designing your kid’s room is not a child’s play, you will have to bear up with the tantrums that your kids will throw up at you, if they do not like the design of their room. If you are planning to transform the kid’s section of your flat in B.T Road, and then try to figure out your kid’s choice and favourite stuffs that they would like to have in their cosy room. The above given hacks are one of the easiest and best hacks that you can always try if you want to give a small makeover to your kids room.

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