Top 6 Tips for a Light and Airy Bedroom with Indoor Planting Ideas

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A bedroom always needs to be a welcoming and a restful place. It is a private paradise to which everyone should always cater. Even though world of travel reckons the moment you reach home and climb into your own bed, there is just something beautiful. The new residential projects in North Kolkata are catering to people’s demand for a lavish, big and airy bedroom. You can have a feather on your cap by trying out these super easy tips that will help you to dwell into your dream and cosy bedroom.

Follow the trend of bright walls –

If you are purchasing new flats in North Kolkata white walls are a timeless standard that will never go out of fashion and stay evergreen forever. They are clean, plain, beautiful, and they serve as the ideal canvas without losing your other decor. White walls radiate natural light from the outside as well. All of that said, white isn’t your only choice of paint for a bright, exotic room. Icy blues, minty greens and other subdued, neutral colours of nature will create a bright room. If you prefer walls other than white, you need to leave your furniture mute and neutral to match the mix.

Allow maximum of natural light to enter-

The secret to every bright, airy bedroom is light. Let there be as much natural light as you can. Stop large blinds or window shades. Close to walls, keep the furniture in light colours. The style is meant to be one that is light on the eye.

Go clever with mirrors-

It’s a fantastic trick that will open up your bedroom of your 2bhk flat in North Kolkata, spread out the sun, and make your room look bigger. Mirrors often make the bedroom a perfect focal point when put above the headboard. Be careful not to position your mirror directly in front of your bed or window, but in a spot that helps it to reflect and double the natural light inside.

Try out light material drapes and curtains –

The finishing touch for a light and dreamy bedroom are stunning cloths. Floor-length drapes work if you have high ceilings. If you want to give the bedroom of your apartment in North Kolkata a great dreamy touch, play with canopy beds. Since the drapes are thick and rich in material, be sure to tie them back with the sheer curtains underneath for full light and airy look. Lightweight fabrics, such as cotton, or linen, perform well to create a dreamy aesthetic.

Give your bedroom a touch of greenery-

If the window of your bedroom can accommodate the spaces for ornamental plants, and then definitely try out by making your personal space more appealing and nature-friendly. Try out planting show plants that will enhance the beauty of your room as well as will make the room fresh and breathy.

Eliminate clutter and clear up the mess –

Any space that is ruled by clutter and mess will immediately feel drab and gloomy, so being tidy and being ruthless when it comes to figuring things out will be very necessary. Keep stuff off the floor and well maintained in terms of tidiness. If you have items like shelving, resist the desire to display all of your belongings on them, too; instead, select a few features for a smoother, cleaner feel.

If the room of your 2 bedroom apartment in B.T road is small or does not receive much natural light, it can give you a claustrophobic feel or a gloomy look. You may not be able to adjust the size of the room or reconfigure the walls, but you can definitely take these cosmetic steps to give any room a bright and airy atmosphere.

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