Top Tips to Conserve Home Energy

Top Tips to Conserve Home Energy

Everyone desires a beautiful abode. However, acquiring a lavish apartment isn’t enough. What makes a household truly well-managed and conducive to healthy living conditions, other than daily cleanliness and daily maintenance is the element of home energy conservation. From keeping the television on to not turning off lights, there are several ways in which people today wastes valuable energy in their residences. It would do much good if home energy is saved through the practice of simple steps.

Simple Guidelines to Follow :-

 Innovate on Fans

One of the most important electronic equipment in any Indian household is the fan. That’s the first thing we think about, considering summer is the predominant climate. In order to save energy here, you can simply opt in for electronic regulators replacing the manual ones for your ceiling fans. In addition to that, make sure you install the exhaust fans at a higher level than the ceiling fans.

Manage your Daily Lighting

Lights consume the maximum energy since it’s what is used the most, whole day in every household from the start of the day till night and sometimes through the night. So don’t just stay limited to the practice of switching off lights when not in use. Make the most of the daylight and keep the artificial lights off. Also use loose-weave and light coloured curtains in order to allow the natural light come in to your room. The coloured curtains and the light passing through it will create an ambient surrounding. Furthermore, replace the incandescent bulbs with the fluorescent bulbs and start using electronic chokes than the traditional copper chokes.

Judicious use of Geysers

In household electricity geysers take in bulk electricity. In order to save energy only heat the amount of water that is needed. In addition to that, the thermostat can be set at a lower temperature which is 40 to 45 degrees.

Switch to Electronic Iron

This is yet another area of home energy conservation! So start by selecting the iron boxes that has automatic temperature cut off. Also make use of appropriate regulator position for the iron and refrain from sprinkling more water on your clothes whilst ironing. Furthermore, make it a point not to iron wet clothes as it takes in a lot of energy.

Manage electric lighting points

Another way to save energy at home is to minimize the number of lighting points in one room. Any additional fittings need to be removed or switched off permanently.

Appropriate use of computers and laptops

Computers and laptops need lot of energy to run the whole day! For home office set up, it is essential to switch off the computer or the computing device when not in use. A computing device that is operating for close to 24 hours often results in more electric bill than a refrigerator running for the same time.

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