Trendy Living Room Colour Combinations for an Eye-Soothing Experience

Residential Complex in North Kolkata

In today’s world, everyone prefers to live in a complex surrounded by many families. There are various facilities that one gets while living in a residential complex. Nowadays, Kolkata has various residential complexes in different parts of the city. North Kolkata is an amalgamation of both modern and traditional. But to flow with the trend, there are residential complex in North Kolkata. There are complexes in North Kolkata nearby the famous Dakshineshwar temple and nearby the busy road to cope up with the flow of the city.

Nowadays people want to live in complex because of the modern lifestyle, and also, they could live in the decoration of the room of their own choice. Most families are nuclear, the workload and stress are more so in a complex one can easily find a clubhouse, gym, swimming pool, game room, WIFI. Today’s generation is fond of modern living rooms with beautiful colours, so a residential complex allows one to select colours. The texture of the doors and the interior like kitchen, living room, and bedroom.

Way Everyone Decor their Apartments

Everyone wants their apartment to be sleek. Enhancing the decor of the house with beauty, grace, and modern necessities.

You can also buy pictures, home decors like statues of Buddha, tortoises to design the living room. You can arrange curtains in contrast with the colour of the room. One can beforehand select the location of the apartment to experience beautiful scenic beauty. North Kolkata has apartments near lush green fields, so in that case, opt for the residential complex to avail this beauty in the apartment, especially in the living room.

Interesting Colour Combination for your Living Room

When you are buying an apartment in a residential complex, you must be very sure of the scenario of the exterior as well as the interior of the living room because when one enters an apartment living room comes first. The living room reflects the whole apartment, so it should be painted and decoder in the most aesthetical way, making it the soul of the house. So, the trendy colours for the living room are:

Green Foliage

It is the colour of the green plantation utilized in the interior of the living room. It reflects freshness and a positive attitude in the environment.

Sage Green

In a residential complex in North Kolkata, you can use another green shade known as the Sage Green. It is dull pastel green, a mixture of gray and green. In painting the living room, one can also use this.

Pastel Shades

Complex in North Kolkata can be adorned with colours, such as minion yellow, lime green, or blue. The other part of the living room, like cushions, can be decorated with pastel colours.

Orange Style

The orange colour like that of pumpkin can be used for colouring the living room. It can be mixed with pink, brown, wine, and earthly colours to glorify the living room.

Blue Mixed with Lighter Colours

When blue mixes with a softer colour, it gives a perfect picturesque to the living room.

Neutral Colours

There are colours like gray, beige, creams that add a sleek look to the living room. Gray mixed with yellow, red, beige adds an extraordinary elegance to the living rooms. The beige-coloured living room is endowed with a classical backdrop.

Combination of Pink Shades

Baby pink colour is suitable and gives a cozy look to the living room. Moreover, if blue and pink are contrasted by decorating the cushion and furniture, it will provide warmth to the living room.

So, here are some exciting colour combinations for the living room of your best residential complex in North Kolkata. Hope you liked it.

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