Tricks of Small Space Living

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livingThe expensive city life has taken a toll on many. So the latest trend now is downsizing, and people are generally looking towards living in compact apartments. There are numerous residential complexes in Kolkata which cater to small space living. You can transform a tiny space into a smooth functioning haven with some unique ideas.

Following are some stunning small space living ideas which can be applied wherever you are:

Appropriate lighting:

A small apartment requires proper lighting. A floor lighting could be taking up an lōt of space so you can ditch it and go for a do it yourself(DIY) lamp which looks cool and lightens up your room leaving more space.

Cohesive color scheme:

A small space will look very clumsy with too many colors splashed on the wall. There should be no clash regarding colors, and ˘you should try to keep the colors simple and soothing.

Add Mirrors:

Is your room looking all cramped? Include reflective surfaces like mirrors which will make space look open and make a lot of difference.

Wall shelves:

There are smart floating shelf units which will make your small space look trendy without taking up much space.

Wall hanging storage:

There could be some wall hanging storage which could be eye-catching as well as versatile. Usage of wall pockets becomes convenient.

DIY garment rack to clear floor space

To take care of minimal closet space, you can take out an unused garment rack and hang it from the ceiling so that free storage space made underneath.

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