Use these Household Ingredients for Your Home Garden

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There are numerous items that we use daily without realizing their potential benefits. You can use several home items for gardening if you buy a new flat in North Kolkata. We present the conventional list of products with their odd gardening application for new projects in North Kolkata. Enjoy!


Buttermilk is one of the world’s most nutritious and healthy beverages because of the probiotics you find there. Not many people know that buttermilk can prevent fungal diseases in your garden plants? Spray the buttermilk solution on the foliage to protect young seedlings from catching diseases like damping and powdery mildew.

White Vinegar

An excellent acid feed is a white vinegar combined with water. Before you begin, test your soil. You don’t want your soil’s pH to be too low. Once a season, mix a tablespoon of white vinegar into a gallon of water to feed your roses and hydrangeas in the new projects in North Kolkata.


Bananas are well-known, but your garden prefers peels. Smoothly drop banana peels into your garden to provide potassium to your plants as they decompose. It strengthens and nourishes your plants. Thus, making them more resistant to pests like aphids. As banana peels degrade, they do not develop an odor.

Ground Coffee

Mix nitrogen into your soil with ground coffee, and avoid using compost. Get coffee grounds from your kitchen or a free bag of coffee grounds from your local Starbucks. You might inquire about used coffee grounds at your neighborhood coffee shop; many will gladly give them away. Mix coffee grounds into the water for a potent compost tea to quickly mix coffee grounds to your yard if you buy a new flat in North Kolkata.


Eggshells can be placed in your garden to gently decompose and provide calcium to the garden plants if you buy a new flat in North Kolkata. Gather eggshells, dry them up, place them under your mulch, or ground them up and position them in a tiny amount of vinegar overnight. It will break the eggshells further, and you will get calcium for your plants. Alternatively, pulse your eggshells in a small food processor to make eggshell powder. Solicit eggshells from your friends and relatives. Clean eggshells will not smell, and it is unimportant if they crack while being rescued.

Soap Water

Chemical insecticides might be hazardous when used in home gardening. You may make your insecticide with traditional dishwashing soap. It can defend your plants against pests such as mealy bugs, aphids, and caterpillars. Find out about pest control at home.

So, there you have it! Use these household items in the garden of the new projects in North Kolkata if you want to buy a new flat in North Kolkata. One of the best projects in that area is the one by Starom Millennia. Their flats and apartments give you plenty of space on your balcony. Thus, allowing you to create your very own garden.

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