Vastu Tips for Positivity in Your Kitchen and Bedroom

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No matter how large or tiny your luxurious apartment in Kolkata is, how well-furnished or unfurnished it is, there are three rooms in every house that are essential. Your bedroom, living room, and kitchen are the three most crucial rooms of your home.

A bedroom is a place for leisure and sleep, while the living room is a gathering area for family and friends to gather and celebrate, and a kitchen is a place where food is prepared and served. Because cooking involves fire, none has the permission to prepare food in any other rooms. Since the kitchen symbolizes the element of fire, keeping it clean and fresh will draw the Fire God into the home.

Invite the Fire God into Your Home with these Vastu Tips for Your Kitchen

  • A gas stove is an absolute need in every kitchen. Cooking occurs here, and the ideal direction to work on the gas stove is once again southeastward.
  • The kitchen sink and taps are installed to utilize the water for various tasks. Water is there for multiple purposes in the kitchen, including food preparation, cleaning, and dishwashing. The kitchen sinks and faucets are usually there in the northeast, away from the gas burner.
  • Modern kitchens are equipped with several electrical gadgets, such as a coffee maker, microwave oven, induction cooker, etc. The optimal place for electrical equipment in the kitchen is to face south or south-east.
  • Many people utilize clay pots, filters, and bottles for everyday use. If you have a filter, RO, or clay pot in your kitchen, you should place them in the northeast.
  • Here are some Vastu Shastra tips for the bedroom.
  • When it comes to the master bedroom for your flat in north Kolkata, most people choose a king-size bed to accommodate their sleeping needs and help them unwind. Keeping the bed on the south or west wall of the room, with your head facing south or west and your legs facing north or east, is the ideal position for it,
  • Vastu Shastra provides some advice on having the most restful night’s sleep possible. Thus, it gives recommendations regarding sleeping positions.
  • The family’s name, prestige, and wealth are enhanced when members sleep with their legs in the east direction.
  • Those who sleep with their legs on the west side gain spiritually, mentally, and peacefully from Vastu’s suggestions.
  • Prosperity and luxury accompany those who sleep with their legs towards the north.
  • Sleeping with your legs on the south side can bring terrible nightmares, heaviness in the chest, negative thoughts, and poor sleep. Sleeping in the south in your flats in north Kolkata is associated with the Lord of Death’s side, and it has been shown to enhance symptoms of stress, anxiety, and other mental health issues, as well as the likelihood of death.
  • Ensure the room’s entrance is on either the east, west or north wall sides. The entry should not face south and only have one door, which should be quiet enough to open and close without making a sound.


A child’s health and well-being are said to benefit from Vastu’s progeny-related solutions, as well. Vastu is said to have an essential part in the conception of future generations. Progeny-related issues and the health and well-being of a kid are both thought to be addressed by it.

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