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With the world experiencing the globalization era, sustainability has been a rising concern over the years. Technology has become an integral part of the society. We feel the need of technology in every aspect of our life since it makes things much more easier and more convenient for us. But the excessive use of this technology has put our lives at stake and caused an environmental degradation to a huge scale.

However, due to the rising environmental issues there has been a trend among homeowners to shift from their traditional homes to residential projects that are associated with environment-friendliness. As society becomes more eco-conscious, people are becoming more aware of the negative effects on the environment. These days we come over so many eco-friendly products in each and every field. Therefore, keeping in mind the facts about how our environment is going through difficult times and changes due to the greenhouse effect, deforestation, etc. which has also affected our health, many have felt the need to adapt a nature-friendly lifestyle.

To cater to this, several real estate developers had developed and designed various homes or spaces. Developed using environmentally friendly materials, these type of properties aim to have a limited effect on the environment and are built to be as self sufficient as possible. These type of residential properties helps in decreasing the carbon footprint and sustaining the natural resources. The features of an eco-friendly house are using solar panels, energy-efficient lighting, energy-efficient air conditioning, water conserving appliances, low-emittance windows, wall insulation, etc. 

Some of the reasons why you should consider buying an environment-friendly home :

1. Healthy and wealthy

Health is the most important factor of our lives, thus living in a healthy environment is turning out to be a necessity. Living in a nature-friendly house ensures our well being providing fresh air, clean surroundings, ventilation and proper lighting. These type of properties are initialised with natural building materials such as autoclaves aerated concrete for exterior walls and fly ash bricks for interior walls which helps protect your house from extensive heat.

2. Low maintenance cost

There is no need to invest any large amount of money once you are done buying the property. When people buy new homes, they have to spend a lot behind the maintenance of their new belonging, however in the case of eco friendly homes you have very minimum to spend since they have a very low maintenance cost. This is due to the use of sustainable materials in building these homes such as chemical-free paints, solar energy and various other renewable materials proves to be effective on cost cutting.

3. Healthy surrounding

These type of properties are always built in areas which are more open and have less pollution. They are always surrounded by lushy green trees and bushes to help you breathe fresh air, built with materials consuming very less amount of energy, having less waste disposal, rainwater harvesting, gardens, solar panels,, sewage treatment and other environment friendly features.

4. Better Home Value

Since these homes are always built with sustainable materials, it provides a life long tenure to the property without decreasing it’s value.

You might need to invest a little more while buying such a home, however the value for money is not lost in the future as well. The use of sustainable building materials helps to provide longer durability and increases property appreciation.

Hence, people are now more health conscious and with the rising environmental issues taking a lead, people are following the trend to get to connected with nature and interested in looking for eco friendly homes from among the best residential projects in town.

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StarOm Millenia is a premium G+12 High Rise project on B.T Road, North Kolkata. The focus is to create a property with well thought out architecture, a unique design aspect and quality spaces which suits various consumer segments.

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